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Sep 1, 2009 08:58 AM

Need a taco cart in Frazier Park area

Hi, all: throwing the hubby a 50th b-day party on Halloween. Need a taco cart for a few hours, live in Cuddy Valley area (about 10 miles west of 5 fwy). Does anyone know of a good taco vendor that will come here? I'm thinking a Bakersfield vendor, but have only found one that was on Craig's list, would like some recommendations...

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  1. This is probably not going to be super-helpful, but anyway...

    There are taco trucks that park along the main drag in Castaic. As I recall, they are based in the San Fernando Valley. It's possible they have an operation that would be willing to drive the freeway a little further north from Castaic to Frazer Park.

    On further reflection, though, I'm thinking Bakersfield might be easier to arrange.

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      Thanks; have decided to go w/the one I found (good photos & Marine; will have to post how it goes!)