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Sep 1, 2009 08:57 AM

Please Help - Good eats in Ontario - Corona - Chino Hills

Hello!! I am taking my husband to the Chino Airport for his birthday. I would like to find a place besides Flo's somewhat nearby. We may be having friends that hail from the Temecula area meet up with us for lunch afterwards, so finding a place in Corona or Ontario would be reasonable as well.

I've had such a hard time finding a place good, nice, and big enough to fit my needs! At this point, I'm almost resorting to TGI Fridays. At least they have cocktails.

I'm desperate fellow chowhounds, and need all the help I can get!

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  1. Two that might fit the bill:

    New York Grill, described in the first half of this post:

    Owen's Bistro in Chino:

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      Just realized you will be looking for lunch, not dinner. You might consider the branches of Lucille's Yardhouse or BJ's Brewhouse in Chino. I know they are chains, but reliable, casual food and likely good beverage selections.

      I like Lucille's ribs and BJ's meatloaf.

    2. There's a Taps Brewery in Corona. While, I've not been to the Corona location, I have been to the original location in Brea...and it's superb. And I hear that the Corona location is not very different from Brea. If your husband's into beer, they brew their own...and from what my beer afficionado friends tell me, all the beers are great. I'm particularly fond of their seafood dishes...druken mahi mahi and the chliean sea bass to be specific...and they have an oyster bar with three different types of oysters. If you're not a seafood fan, their chops and steaks are lovely as are their Creole-inspired food. If you happen to be there on a Sunday and the offer the Champagne Sunday brunch, I would highly recommend it. The food is lovely! Check out their website if you'd like more information.

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        Taps is a fantastic idea, but slightly too far. I am going to try to have our friends meet us as a surprise, and for sure my husband will wonder why we're going all the way to the 15 for lunch!! ;o) Dang, it's a great idea though. I will look in to Lucille's and BJs as well. You're right, they aren't bad chains and are used to big groups like us.

      2. There's Centro Basquo, in Chino ?

        1. Nothing says Happy Birthday like King Taco.

          But seriously, try Tutti Mangia in Claremont, pretty good.

          1. The original comment has been removed