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Sep 1, 2009 08:57 AM

looking for Paris restaurant...Only have 1 lunch and a few hours..

ok so,so I am french and I have lived in Paris but it was 7 years ago (oh wow I had no idea it was that long ago!) and I was a broke student back then.. so let's just say that my paris restaurants knowledge is extremely limited : )

Fast forward to today, I am visiting my family and we are flying into Paris to stop at a trade show in porte de versaille this Saturday in the morning and taking the train at 4 pm to south of france from Gare de lyon.

I am looking for a restaurant to go with my hubby and eventually meet a friend there.

I'd like something that looks nice and has good food. A treat but for a good value. I am not looking for spending too much given that I will have trouble staying awake through lunch :)

I am thinking something for about 30euros max (no drinks)
A nice atmosphere, deco would be great.
I did take a look at the la villa corse rive gauche.
I am considering la table de joel robuchon since it is such a good value eventhough out of my price range.
Chez clement was my first idea since it is litteraly rigt next to the trade show..and passed by there for 3 years everyday while in paris :)

Any advice?

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  1. I assume you threw Chez Clement in there like throwing red meat to the junkyard dogs, just to get us distracted. No, no, no.

    Lots of possibilities on Saturday between the Porte de V and Gare de L:
    Passage 53
    Le Gaigne
    Le Reminet
    Paul Bert
    descriptions, of course, on John Talbott's Paris

    1. Actually, Chez l'Ami Jean is open sat for lunch. So is Christophe. Fish. All excellent.

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        Indeed. Much as I regard Soup as King of Chow France, I would go with all of mine first and add Fish too.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Such are the wonders of choice offered to Chowhounders.

          1. re: souphie

            Thanks guys!
            I will check those recommendations. I liked Chez L'ami jean but their website is not really useful in term of getting to know what I am going for.
            I threw chez clement I think to mark my desperation and the urgency of my request :) more seriously while I knew it could not be anything else than overpriced over marketed fares, I did pass by this place as a student and kept wishing I could afford it so it would have been fun. Although now not only can I afford it, I can also say that I "chose" not want to go :)