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Sep 1, 2009 08:53 AM

Toronto - Resto/Lounge Recommendations for Bday Bash

I'm looking for a place in Toronto to hold my 25th birthday party. I'm looking for a restaurant/lounge that can accommodate a group of about 15 people on a Saturday evening. Good food is important but so is good ambience and as I don't want to change venues throughout the evening, I'd like a place that serves food and plays music.

I've been considering Laide, Foundation Room and Sidecar. Although Laide or Foundation Room would probably be perfect, there is one issue - my sister is not 19. She is the only one not of legal age in the party, but a very important part so excluding her is not an option. Sidecar might do but I don't see any info on their site regarding music. Do they have live music/DJ?

Recommendations? Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Clarasev,

    I think you'll find very few people on here will recommend restaurants / lounges willing to turn a blind eye to underage patrons (drinking or not).

    That said, I will tell you that I consider Laide and Foundation Room to be more "bars" and Sidecar definitely a restaurant - in my experiences there I have never encountered a DJ or live band - just a very lovely back patio!


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      I don't think clavasev was looking for a place that would turn a blind eye to her underage sister... in fact I read her post as an attempt to find a place that could accommodate her sister while still having the right birthday ambience for the rest of the group.

      I agree that Sidecar is probably too restaurant-y to fit the bill. I think Harlem has music on some nights, but I don't know about how/whether they divide their restaurant/bar space. And while the Drake is a restaurant I don't know whether they turn it into a club at a certain point and kick out the minors? Tough question and I wish I had some better suggestions for you (but I'm not really that cool anymore).

      1. re: Rabbit

        Fair enough, but if I was to recommend a spot I would feel as though I was saying it was "easy on carding", just my opinion.

        For what it's worth I am 30 and my lil sis is 18 so I've certainly been down this road!

        1. re: Rabbit


          Phew! Glad you understood where I was coming from.

          I checked out Harlem, didn't know about it at all! It's not really "my style" but it looks like a cool place nonetheless. As for the Drake, I had my 23rd birthday there and they did a great job of accommodating my sister...I just don't want to repeat the same venue so close together.

          I ended up reserving a table inside at Sidecar, I wish I could reserve a patio table!

          ...and then my sister told me she got a better invite to partake in some frosh I guess I don't have to worry about my underage guest anymore! *sigh*

          Oh well, plenty of bars/lounges in Little Italy the rest of us can head to.

        2. re: JaclynS

          Thanks JaclynS for your thoughts on Laide, Foundation Room and Sidecar. I by no means meant my post as a solicitation for places in Toronto that "allow" underage drinking. Sorry for the misunderstanding.