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Birmingham Getting a FLIP BURGER

Anyone ever eaten at one in ATL?

From BBJ:

Partners of Flip Burger Boutique are investing about $850,000 to open their high-end restaurant concept at The Summit shopping center.

This is the second location for the Atlanta eatery, in what Barry Mills and Ron Stewart hope will be the litmus test for future growth of “fine dining between two buns.”

And helping launch the concept locally, as in Atlanta, is partner and one-time contender on the Top Chef reality show Richard Blais, who’ll create the modern menu of burgers and the milkshakes from a liquid nitrogen milkshake bar.

Plans call for opening the 5,000-square-foot restaurant in the Summit’s newest phase by late fall, less than a year after the two industry veterans opened the first Flip Burger in Atlanta.

The burger on their website looks RAW, LOL: http://www.flipburgerboutique.com/

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  1. Geez, another gourmet burger place??? Admittedly, some of the combinations sound interesting (and the milkshakes sound fantastic). However, I'd rather have a more innovative concept or a cuisine that's underrepresented in the city. I realize that the rent at the Summit must be sky-high which prevents most independents from establishing there. And it's the independents that IMHO, serve the more delicious and/or innovative eats.

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      My thoughts exactly. Don't they do some research on their competitive set in the market? Let's see we have Baja Burger across the street in the Colonnade, new Hamburger Heavens, What-A-Burgers sprouting up like weeds, awesome "high dollar" burgers at J. Alexander's by Galleria, nifty little mom-and-pop burger at Papa's in Vestavia, decent burger at BOTH TAVERNS at The Summit where these guys are going in...I could go on....

      1. re: SkippyLeBeef

        I've been to the FLIP in Atlanta and I have to say I'm VERY excited we're getting one here in Birmingham! I had a chorizo burger there that was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten...I'm feeling good just thinking about it! I also remember having a burger with veal and some crispy onions...also very tasty but not nearly as memorable as that chorizo.
        Their shakes are also delicious. When they bring them to the table they're still smoking from the liquid nitrogen. The times I went they only had four flavors, and I tried three of them (pistachio, krispy kreme, and nutella) and the pistachio was no doubt the best one. I see now they have seven on the menu...I hope they bring them to the Bham shop!

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          These burgers are totally different from anything you have had before.
          Just wait and see, I think you are going to be very happy about this addition.

          1. re: Katj

            sorry that was in response to Skippy and Sheilal....

            1. re: Katj

              Hey, thanks for the input! Looking forward to trying it!

      2. Oh, I am very excited. I have not been to the one in Atlanta, but I have heard good things about it, plus, Richard Blais is just awesome. I have wanted to try his Pate Melt ever since he mentioned it on Top Chef...mmmm. I, for one, love burgers, so bring it on!

        1. I have been to the one in Atlante (in late June) and it was awesome. We sat at the chefs bar...the window to the kitchen with a bar...and it was really cool to watch him add the liquid nitrogen to the gazpacho. The food was great, and really an experience. I promise FLIP in NOTHING like anything in Bham.

          1. I love Flip in Atlanta. The pistachio-truffle milkshake is amazing and the lambburger is phenomenal. Can't wait!

            1. Looks like it's opening next week. Weird opening week but I guess the mall will be packed.


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                The article says that it opened two days ago.

                Anyone been yet?

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                  Oops, didn't see the blog entry was dated 12/12.

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                    Might have to check it out after the holidays. Veal sweetbread nuggets, foie gras milkshake, and vodka battered onionrings - along with the interesting burger types, should be quite a burger adventure.

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                    I'm already back in GA for the holidays, but some of my friends went last night and really enjoyed it. It sounds just like the one in Atlanta. They complained that the sides and some of the shakes were overpriced. I'd agree about the sides, but I could never manage to eat my burger, shake, and a side in it's entirety...so I usually skip the sides. (Though I did like their fries...the sweet potato tots were too greasy I thought.)

                    I'll be trying out the new location at the beginning of January, so I guess I'll be more informed then.

                2. My best friend went tonight and thought enough of it that he felt the need to call me and tell me about it right after. He also said it's very reasonably priced, but thinks they'll probably jack up the prices if they stay busy. He only ordered a burger, though. No sides or shake. He said he tasted some other peoples' sides and they were good.

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                    We went to Flipburger today Not impressed. Waited nearly an hour for our meal. Krispy Kreme shake was ok. Sex in a glass would NOT be an analogy I'd use (see review in Urbanspoon). Burgers trendy, good, not great. Fried bread and butter pickles and the sweet potato fries were very greasy. Won't be back. Lots of beautiful people there, though.

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                      "Lots of beautiful people there, though."

                      Ah, that explains why they didn't want to hire me...

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                        Da beautiful people is Flipburger's aim from the look down to the relenetlessly loud, thumping soundtrack last Friday night. Tattoos seem to be a prerequisite for working there.
                        We had a great server. Food was good. Milkshakes good, but don't know if they rose to the level of what Vincent would call "a damn good shake." We had the pistachio + white truffle, and the krispy kreme.
                        Kudos to the use of Benton's bacon. Try anything aty Flip with the bacon. Ask for more on the side. This is the most awesome bacon around I had it on the wild turkey.
                        I also give credit for sides that venture beyond the usual. I love okra, and liked their tempura-battered whole-fried version. Sauce didn't move me, though.
                        The onion rings were great, too. My wife thought the sides were greasy. I didn't agree.
                        But they did have some major hitch in their service. We ordered our shakes soon after we sat down, then kept waiting and waiting. Our server weakly explained that everything was made in-house, including the whipped cream.
                        Burgers came out. Burgers were eaten. Finally our shakes came out, one at a time, covered with that luscious house-made whipped cream.
                        If these nitro shakes (and whipped cream) routinely take 20+ minutes to make, warn us.
                        I look forward to trying the lambburger, ossobuco and I'm tempted to treat myself one day to a korean bbq with wagyu beef.

                        1. re: Big Daddy

                          I know I'm a culinary philistine when I say this: I had a bacon cheeseburger at 5 Guys last night and I enjoyed it WAY more than my burger at Flip. And I didn't have to wait an hour. Great fries, free peanuts, and parking was easy, too. What's not to love? Oh.....no beautiful people or loud music. This economy has me thinking differently, I guess...That and being a codgy 52 year old.

                          1. re: curej

                            We went to 5 guys a couple of weekends back. My husband is a burger purist, only wants the meat, cheese, and bread. No condiments. He declared it was the best he's had.

                            I like to load my burger down with the works. And I was very pleased with my burger as well.

                            The fries were fantastic, though a regular order is plenty for the two of us.

                            Still looking to go to Flip, just for the experience.

                            1. re: curej

                              Does anyone else think the fries at 5G are a little odd? They're somewhere between crispy and squishy, which is just weird. I have only ordered the regular ones, not the cajun ones.

                              I think their burgers are fine but nothing special. And a place that will only cook a burger well done will never get my vote for best burger. With that said, I haven't tried the Bham 5G yet

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                                The fries remind me of the ones I make at home. I admit I never thought anything about the consitency of the fry itself - as that's how our oddly shaped homemade fries turn out. Guess if you're used to the crispy fry through and through that could be a bit off-putting.

                                They do fry them in peanut oil, so those with allergies need to keep that in mind.

                                1. re: Dax

                                  Five Guys makes my favorite fries. They're actually made from fresh cut potatoes, which I very much appreciate. I've never had them come out soggy here in the RTP area.

                                  1. re: Dax

                                    Man, I love the fries at 5 guys. Have to force myself to stop. Try them with the malt vinegar. Also, IMHO, while good steaks, veal, and lamb are typically best eaten rare or medium rare, ground beef seems to acquire something special when cooked medium to medium well. I love the crispy bits on the surface that are absent on the Flip Burger and its ilk. I'm no expert, but that's what I like...

                                    1. re: Dax

                                      No, I love the fries at 5 Guys. They are like homemade. And if you like your burgers basic, 5 Guys is good. (Haven't tried Flip yet.)

                                  2. re: Big Daddy

                                    I had a feeling at Flip in Atlanta that the shakes are always late. Most tables near us welcomed them as desert.
                                    Ours came with our meals because we specified that we wanted them with the meal.

                                    Can you tell a bit more about the okra? I think it may be new since our one time visit. (But we do live four hours away.)

                                    1. re: shallots

                                      Whole small okra, tempura fried and nicely salted. It has some bland creamy sauce.

                                      1. re: Big Daddy

                                        I suggest we begin long range planning for a Chowhound spring cookout, including home-made delicious burgers!!

                                        1. re: curej

                                          Nice idea! Start a thread over on the Google forums site so we can plan it out there.

                                          1. re: Jannae

                                            That would add many new meanings to BYOB.

                                    2. re: Big Daddy

                                      I went tonight for dinner. It was filled with a mix of families, high school kids, hipsters, pretty people, etc. I didn't get the beautiful people exclusivity vibe at all.

                                      When we arrived at 6:50 it was jumping with a crowd (of 15) waiting up front. Very little waiting space for when it's crowded. Quoted wait time for 2 was about 20 min but we got two seats at the end of the bar within 10 min.

                                      I like the look of the place with the flipped booth/table motif, framed tvs, white leather, etc.

                                      Ordered two burgers, the bleu, caramelized onions,and some type of jam (ordered on the side). Toasted bun is a plus. The burgers are just the right size and priced ok at $7.50 plus $3 for a shared order of delicious (and plentiful for two) fries. They were actually the crispy outside with somewhat squishy inside, which worked for them. I ordered my burger medium but it came out about medium well, which was annoying as I almost ordered the usual med-rare but went with medium in case they erred to the undercooking. It seems the opposite. It was still very juicy, to the point where my napkin was a mess. Darn good burger overall, although will probably go with the bacon cheddar (my date's order, did not try it) next time. Okra looked good but it was a light dinner.

                                      Bar service was fine. Everyone expecting perfect service the first two weeks of opening may be expecting more than they will ever get. Sure, if it's highlands, bottega, etc, I would more likely expect the servers to be on top of their game straight out of the gate, but not a burger joint where two burgers, fries and two soft drinks totaled $25. They did their job, gave refills, asked how everything was (two different bartenders did), asked if we needed anything else.

                                      I'm satisfied and the burger surpassed my recollection of 5G but will give them another shot too. I will return to Flip as well, but I'm not in a hurry to go out 280 to the Summit just to return here.

                                      1. re: Dax

                                        "Sure, if it's highlands, bottega, etc, I would more likely expect the servers to be on top of their game straight out of the gate, but not a burger joint where two burgers, fries and two soft drinks totaled $25."

                                        Funny you should mention that, as their ads looking for new servers and bartenders (already?!) require "fine-dining" experience. Maybe they're planning on "FLIPping" their entire FOH staff after only a few weeks of being open. This jibes with my friend's prediction that the prices will be going up soon.

                                        1. re: bovinekid

                                          It's borderline pricy for a burger joint now. If it goes up much, I don't see much reason to drive out there when a different but mostly better burger with great frites is around $11 at FonFon. Sure you don't have the combinations or various toppings, but I do not need much choice on toppings really - I almost always return to bacon and cheese.

                                        2. re: Dax

                                          I'd agree with you about expectations for a new place if this was the first-ever Flip to open. But it's actually the second location for a chain that opened 14 months ago in Atlanta. That's plenty of time to work out the kinks on one of their signature menu items.

                                          1. re: Big Daddy

                                            Maybe although I do not consider 2 locations a chain, particularly as (from what I understand) this is a larger FLIP and the crowds have been nuts. If this was restaurant #10 or 15 (or even #5), then yes I could buy into that argument.

                                            My co-workers went today and mostly didn't like it at all. I only know on my one visit, the food and service were both great.

                                          2. re: Dax

                                            I think I started the "beautiful people" thing. I never meant to suggest "exclusivity" in the style of "beautifulpeople.com". They let ME in,after all. Simply put, the place is at the Summit where there is clearly a higher prevalence of the beautiful members of our species. Sometimes as a non-member of that club, I feel a little out of place.

                                  3. I really enjoyed my experience there. Had a late lunch so there was no waiting. But I agree that there is no waiting area which could be problematic when busy.

                                    Ok, I have to eat my words from my earlier post. My daughter came into town for Christmas and wanted to try Flip. She was very impressed, as was I. The decor is very hip. The house music added to this. It was played at a tolerable level -- didn't make conversation hard. I order the cuban (it was a daily special I think). Pork patty with cilantro and some other stuff. Topped with fresh pickles, provolone (I think), cornichons, and PORK BELLY! It was wonderful. The smoked mayo served with it was awesome! Fries were good, however the sweet potatoe fries my daughter got were a little disappointing. They were described to have been served with chocolate salt. The "chocolate salt" turned out to be ground chocolate making the sweet potatoes just too sweet. It's a shame, because chocolate salt sounds interesting.

                                    Prices were reasonable. So, all in all, I'll go back. It's not destination dining, but some of the combinations they offer are original.

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                                    1. re: sheilal

                                      Wow that Cuban burger sounded good!!!!
                                      Chain restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, inter-city as well as intra-city. But I argue that, once you've set up a franchising program, you're a chain. Applebee's obviously is a chain. But so is Zoe's and Dreamland. That doesn't mean you're not quality food or worth visiting. But you're a chain.

                                      1. re: Big Daddy

                                        Is this second location franchised or just a second location with all the same owners? We seem to have devolved into semantics here, but, hey, you started it!

                                        1. re: bovinekid

                                          I believe this is a second location of the same principal owners/investors of the Atlanta location. I disagree on the chain comment and certainly the franchisee comment (two totally different creatures). Becky's has a location in a has station and a tiny shop on 8th Ave. I certainly don't think those two constitute a chain (even more so now that they are unaffiliated ownership-wise). Should you get better glitch-wise on each subsequent location? Certainly. Will things be perfect on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th locations in new cities with new FOH/BOH staff? Rarely.

                                          1. re: Dax

                                            Dax, you're correct. This is the second location of the original owers. In fact, Richard Blaise (Top Chef "choker") was in-house the day I visited. I imagine he'll leave after things get up and running, but will check in from time-to-time like all other "celebrity" chefs.

                                            1. re: sheilal

                                              OK, maybe I overextended my definition. But what do y'all call it when a single owner has multiple locations of the same concept under the same name -- in the same city or several?
                                              When Zoe's had several locations in the Birmingham area under one set of owners -- before John C broke off and set up the franchises in other states -- was it a chain, an empire, a concept or what?

                                              1. re: Big Daddy

                                                I'm not saying it won't end up a chain; I just think two links makes a very weak chain. If they pop up in other metro areas in the next few years, well yeah then it would end up as a chain. Surin has six locations in 3 states; I guess it's a chain by now. Semantics.

                                                1. re: Dax

                                                  I agree about the semantics. As I said when I started this debate, being a chain (or whatever) does not preclude being a restaurant that serves consistently good food. Nor does it indicate -- in this day of eating locally -- that your money's leaving the state for some corporate office.
                                                  One thing's for certain: I want to try that Cuban burger. I'll just call ahead so they can get a head start on my shake.

                                                  1. re: Big Daddy

                                                    Big Daddy, the Cuban was the special of the day. I gathered that they were "testing the waters" on the response it go from customers. Also note that the menu on their website is not exactly what accurate. The menu we were given was an abbreviated version of that on the website. It still had tons of variety, but I recall that it wasn't as "full" as the one shown.

                                                    1. re: sheilal

                                                      We're planning on making our first trip to Flip this weekend.

                                                      For those who have visited the place, do you remember if they have the sweetbreads on the menu here? I see where not everything listed on the web site is in the B'ham location, so wanted to check,

                                                      1. re: Jannae

                                                        Jannae, I don't remember seeing sweetbreads on the menu.

                                                        1. re: sheilal

                                                          We were there Tuesday and they weren't on the menu.

                                                          1. re: bluemoon4515

                                                            Buffalo sweetbreads were on the appetizer menu last night. Didn't order them, though. We went and were very happy with our RBQ (burger topped with brisket and BBQ sauce) and Veal Parmesan Flip Burgers. My wife got the sweet potato fries which were really greasy but good. Better experience this time than last. The place was only half full, though. Probably because it was 6:00 on a weeknight. Stella on tap was a great pleasure.

                                                            One minor gripe that will show how neurotic I am: We had a nice booth seat next to windows looking out over the fantastic vista that Flip Burger and Chuy's share. However, they seat people right outside the window, so you can't gaze out without feeling like you're invading people's privacy. Anyway.....

                                    2. I went last night with a couple of friends. We were going to go early to miss the crowd, but somebody was late and we got there just in time to wait for an hour, the entirety of which we spent in the tiny waiting area with what was surely a fire-code-violating number of other people.

                                      First of all, it was slightly pricier than I'd realized; I'd have to disagree with my friend's assessment that they will be raising the prices. Same friend, by the way, ordered the second most expensive burger on the menu this trip, the Korean BBQ ($14!), which he proclaimed "maybe even better" than the Steak Tartare burger he'd enjoyed on his two prior visits.

                                      I ordered apparently the same burger Dax did (it also had frisee on it, or at least mine did). Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten lunch or because it was on a large plate, but I thought it seemed pretty small. The server didn't ask any of us how we wanted our burgers cooked, and I didn't offer. I wanted to see what they'd do and figured that a place like this would know not to char it beyond recognition without me having to tell them. The meat was probably slightly more cooked than I might like, but still perfectly within the acceptable doneness range for a burger. Overall, quite good. I just wish there'd been more bites.

                                      I ordered the zucchini fries which were prepared tempura-style, like apparently all of the fried sides apart from the standard french fries. They were not over greasy, and not bad, but nothing special. When I got them, I couldn't remember what the dipping sauce that came with them was supposed to be; it seemed to be just mayo, though I'm sure that wasn't the case. I preferred a friend's smoked mayo that was served with her french fries. I also tasted another friend's sweet potato fries which seemed slightly greasier than my zucchini, but still not too bad. They were dusted with chocolate and came with a ranch-like dip. I was not a fan of the chocolate; I thought it clashed with the dip.

                                      As soon as I got my food, I knew I was going to need to eat more (remember, no lunch; I was starving!) so I ordered a pistachio-white truffle oil shake. I had none of Big Daddy's waiting problems; despite the place still being totally packed out, I got my shake in less than 5 minutes. I'm not really a shake connoisseur, but I do love pistachios and pistachio ice cream; suffice it to say, the glass contained plenty of both.

                                      Employment ads for servers and bartenders require "fine-dining experience." Considering that, service was certainly better than what I'd expect at a casual-dining chain restaurant, but at no point did I feel like I was in a fine-dining establishment. I'm sure the excessive number of people, loudish music (was it "all-MGMT night"?), and the table of teenage girls ordering almost nothing sitting next to me all contributed to this probably more than the service, though. The manager I'd met when I applied for a job here back in November was lurking near our table most of the night since we were seated close to the server station. When our server offered to clear my plate while my companions were still eating, I refrained from mocking his farce of "fine-dining" only because I didn't want to get her in trouble for something so minor. Admittedly, this entire paragraph is more about me being a jerk than about the actual restaurant.

                                      1. After hearing all of the comments about Chez Fon Fon's better burger, my wife and I "did lunch" there yesterday. Indeed, the burger was excellent. They cooked it medium rare as requested (basically a large disc of steak tartare with a 1/8-1/4" of cooked meat at the periphery). The burger was seasoned perfectly, but was topped with a disappointingly thin slice of Comte' (come on, Frank, cut the cheese thicker!!!). Grilled red onion, tiny pickles, sectioned grape tomatoes, house-made mayonnaise, and romaine (I think) were provided as toppers. The burger bun was very good, but I can't remember many details, so I can't describe it better. Let's say that it was nicely form-fitting to the beef, (not hard, dry, or crumbly), and had nice heft, moistness, etc.

                                        The pommes frites accompanying the burger were good, not great. Far too many short (1") pieces. I prefer more "loomsters" in my order, but maybe I'm showing my lack of sophistication. Or maybe the enormous mutant potatoes from which loomsters are obtained are considered non-organic and therefore heretical by Mr. Stitt. I grew up in the McDonald's generation, though, and that's that. (My wife liked the pommes frites as they were, by the way, noting that they were easier to eat with a fork. How pretentious *snort*).

                                        My wife had the hanger steak with salsa verde. The salsa contained no tomatillos. Frank should know, but I always think "tomatillos" when I think "salsa verde". I know, I'm too small-minded. Anyway, the steak was STUPENDOUS. Really. My wife left me a few morsels and I won't be getting the burger next time we go, I can assure you of that. Yum-O.

                                        So....Chez Burger beats Flip Burger, IMHO. But when I'm hungry for a burger and want to pay less than $50 for lunch, I'm still gonna go see those 5 guys.

                                        1. The wife and I were down in B'ham yesterday with some time to kill, so we pulled into the Summit on a whim. She's driving and a little unfamiliar with the Summit area, so as she's looking around she says, "You're not going to believe this!" So she wheels the car around, and lo and behold...Flip Burger!

                                          We've been dying to try the original joint since we first heard about it, so needless to say we knew where we'd be having lunch. I ordered the Korean BBQ and she ordered the Flip Burger with cheddar. I'm a huge fan of Waygu beef, so even though $14 seemed pricey for a burger, I knew that the quality of the ingredients had a lot to do with it. Great flavors, but I wanted more...of everything.

                                          More burger, more spare rib, more condiments--more, more, more. It was indeed delicious, and I scarfed the damn thing down like there was no tomorrow...but for $14 bucks I expected this thing to at least fill me up with leftovers for later. I've had other boutique burgers at fine dining joints with twice the oomph for half the price, but they weren't Waygu, so...

                                          Oh, and the fries...flavorful, but not as crispy as I would've hoped (for something supposedly fried in duck fat). LOVED the smoked mayo they came with, though!

                                          Anyhoo, we'll definitely be back, as I'm dying to try the chorizo and the pistachio shake. I admittedly had grander expectations, well...because it's Blais, and we're big fans, but by no means were we dissatisfied with the food. The bartender was cool, helpful, and even brought our To-Go order out to our car when he didn't have to. Customer service like that always ranks high in my book, so even if the food wasn't good (ch'ya, right), we'd give it a second try on account of his extra effort.

                                          I just hope that Blais is dropping in often to ensure that they're meeting the same level of quality and service that he expects when he's working in the kitchen of his own restaurant.

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                                          1. re: ciaohaus

                                            Of course, Wagyu beef always will drive up the price. But as good and inventive as they are, the 5.5-ounce burger is simply insubstantial, especially for the money.
                                            Last night, I enjoyed a Spicy Bayou Burger at Mudtown in Cahaba Heights (http://www.mudtownalabama.com/). We're talking a hefty half-pound burger and a bun that can stand the strain, well-seasoned and cooked to a perfect medium as requested. At $8.99 it was worth every penny and I didn't walk away hungry. In fact I couldn't even finish my crispy onion rings ($1 extra). That and the half-price Liberty School Cabernet made for a great meal. ANd no thumping music.

                                            1. re: Big Daddy

                                              Wow. Thanks for the heads up BD! Sounds like my next burger target.

                                            2. re: ciaohaus

                                              UPDATE: Went back to Flip on a recent visit and had the Chorizo burger while my wife had the Tuna tartare as a lettuce wrap (which she liked), but I gotta be honest...the chorizo wasn't all that the posts here had hyped it up to be IMO. Not as spicy as most chorizo I'm used to, but the damn thing weighed heavy on my gut for hours as if it were made of molten lead. Zucchini fries were okay, but not enough of them for the price.

                                              Look, I'm a big Blaise fan, but so far I've yet to be blown away by anything I've tried at FB.

                                              I'll give them one more shot with the Butcher's, but if that one doesn't light up my tastebuds like fireworks then I'm done. I'll take quality over novelty any day.

                                            3. Hi I'm new to Birmingham and saw this particular restaurant.. may I know how much is a burger entree??

                                              What about the kobe burger?


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                                              1. re: zymorian

                                                Try http://www.flipburgerboutique.com/ Zymorian

                                                Had the Mudtown burger BD. Also excellent. Wife had the fried green tomato sammy.....not so much. Great fries. Nice lunch spot, but parking is a bit of an issue. Waitstaff and manager there really nice folks.

                                                1. re: curej

                                                  Yeah the parking is awful. They joke about it on their menu and in their ads: "Voted best kept secret. Voted best new restaurant. Voted worst parking ever!!! (according to most of our customers.)"

                                                2. re: zymorian

                                                  I want to say the kobe burger was either $23 or $34. It was by far the most expensive thing on the menu. The other burgers are between 5.95 and 9.95. Sides are extra.

                                                  1. re: sheilal

                                                    The Kobe burger is $39. I didn't seen any prices that ended in a .95, nor did I notice any burger under $7. They are mostly $7-$10.50, and there is a $14 one as well. Sides are $3-$4. Shakes were $5-$6 or $9 for the foie gras.

                                                    1. re: bovinekid

                                                      Is it just me or is $39 for any burger anywhere bat guano insane? Really. Yes, I can afford it. But why?

                                                      1. re: curej

                                                        I remember trying the $18 kobe burger at the former Icon. It was the best burger I've had that someone paid for (thank goodnes for expense account.)
                                                        Actually, it was a darn good burger; one of the best I've tasted and one of the few where the cheese wasn't just a superfluous lump of tasteless fat (it had this sharp, farmhouse English cheddar).

                                                        1. re: curej

                                                          The kobe burger also has foie gras and truffle oil on it.

                                                          1. re: curej

                                                            ....there is American Kobe and there is Japanese Kobe and they are very different in terms of quality and cost. Looking at FLIP's menu, their Kobe is A5 Japanese which as far as I know is the highest grade (also most expensive) beef in the world. American "Kobe" which is what you'll find in probably 95% of all Kobe burgers in the USA is just Japanese cattle brought over and raised in America but they aren't raised by the same standards. It's cost and quality are far lower. Just to serve as an example of pricing...there is a steak restaurant near me that serves a 5oz. steak of A5 Japanese Kobe for $55 ....so anyone eating a Kobe burger that costs $18 is most likely eating American Kobe and is getting ripped off big time. American Kobe doesn't cost much more than regular beef. You'll know when you're eating Japanese Kobe because it will be ridiculously expensive, it will be listed on the menu as "Japanese" and will have a rating (A5, etc.). Just having the word Kobe on the menu doesn't tell you anything.

                                                            1. re: greekfire

                                                              The menu also has "American wagyu" listed as an ingredient in another burger. So I'd imagine "kobe" would actually be kobe.

                                                              1. re: bluemoon4515

                                                                That is correct bluemoon; When you see a reference to "wagyu" here, it is U.S.-raised beef from the famous "kobe" stock, a breed called wagyu.
                                                                As for wagyu being "far lower" in quality than kobe, I don't think that's the case. We're not talking about the difference in quality than, say, prime grade and select grade. It is the breed, not the production method, that results in the level of marbeling for which the wagyu is prized.
                                                                U.S. producers raise wagyu for sale in Japan as kobe. The biggest factor in the price difference between "wagyu" and "kobe" is in shipping costs.

                                                    2. I had the Butcher Block Burger the other night (carmelized onions, red wine jam, blue cheese) and it was excellent. I was torn between that and the Chorizo Burger which I have also been told by friends is excellent.

                                                      My wife had the Tuna TarTar Burger and she liked it but didn't love it. I had a bite and I think I liked it better than she did. The Tuna was incredibly fresh and there was a nice amount of heat to go with the other flavors. I would be excited to go back if the wait wasn't so bad (we went at 6 on a Thurs and sat down within 10 minutes, but there had to be at least a 45 minute wait by 6:30).