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Sep 1, 2009 08:22 AM

Birmingham Getting a FLIP BURGER

Anyone ever eaten at one in ATL?

From BBJ:

Partners of Flip Burger Boutique are investing about $850,000 to open their high-end restaurant concept at The Summit shopping center.

This is the second location for the Atlanta eatery, in what Barry Mills and Ron Stewart hope will be the litmus test for future growth of “fine dining between two buns.”

And helping launch the concept locally, as in Atlanta, is partner and one-time contender on the Top Chef reality show Richard Blais, who’ll create the modern menu of burgers and the milkshakes from a liquid nitrogen milkshake bar.

Plans call for opening the 5,000-square-foot restaurant in the Summit’s newest phase by late fall, less than a year after the two industry veterans opened the first Flip Burger in Atlanta.

The burger on their website looks RAW, LOL:

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  1. Geez, another gourmet burger place??? Admittedly, some of the combinations sound interesting (and the milkshakes sound fantastic). However, I'd rather have a more innovative concept or a cuisine that's underrepresented in the city. I realize that the rent at the Summit must be sky-high which prevents most independents from establishing there. And it's the independents that IMHO, serve the more delicious and/or innovative eats.

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    1. re: sheilal

      My thoughts exactly. Don't they do some research on their competitive set in the market? Let's see we have Baja Burger across the street in the Colonnade, new Hamburger Heavens, What-A-Burgers sprouting up like weeds, awesome "high dollar" burgers at J. Alexander's by Galleria, nifty little mom-and-pop burger at Papa's in Vestavia, decent burger at BOTH TAVERNS at The Summit where these guys are going in...I could go on....

      1. re: SkippyLeBeef

        I've been to the FLIP in Atlanta and I have to say I'm VERY excited we're getting one here in Birmingham! I had a chorizo burger there that was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten...I'm feeling good just thinking about it! I also remember having a burger with veal and some crispy onions...also very tasty but not nearly as memorable as that chorizo.
        Their shakes are also delicious. When they bring them to the table they're still smoking from the liquid nitrogen. The times I went they only had four flavors, and I tried three of them (pistachio, krispy kreme, and nutella) and the pistachio was no doubt the best one. I see now they have seven on the menu...I hope they bring them to the Bham shop!

        1. re: SkippyLeBeef

          These burgers are totally different from anything you have had before.
          Just wait and see, I think you are going to be very happy about this addition.

          1. re: Katj

            sorry that was in response to Skippy and Sheilal....

            1. re: Katj

              Hey, thanks for the input! Looking forward to trying it!

      2. Oh, I am very excited. I have not been to the one in Atlanta, but I have heard good things about it, plus, Richard Blais is just awesome. I have wanted to try his Pate Melt ever since he mentioned it on Top Chef...mmmm. I, for one, love burgers, so bring it on!

        1. I have been to the one in Atlante (in late June) and it was awesome. We sat at the chefs bar...the window to the kitchen with a bar...and it was really cool to watch him add the liquid nitrogen to the gazpacho. The food was great, and really an experience. I promise FLIP in NOTHING like anything in Bham.

          1. I love Flip in Atlanta. The pistachio-truffle milkshake is amazing and the lambburger is phenomenal. Can't wait!

            1. Looks like it's opening next week. Weird opening week but I guess the mall will be packed.


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              1. re: Dax

                The article says that it opened two days ago.

                Anyone been yet?

                1. re: pinotboy

                  Oops, didn't see the blog entry was dated 12/12.

                  1. re: Dax

                    Might have to check it out after the holidays. Veal sweetbread nuggets, foie gras milkshake, and vodka battered onionrings - along with the interesting burger types, should be quite a burger adventure.

                  2. re: pinotboy

                    I'm already back in GA for the holidays, but some of my friends went last night and really enjoyed it. It sounds just like the one in Atlanta. They complained that the sides and some of the shakes were overpriced. I'd agree about the sides, but I could never manage to eat my burger, shake, and a side in it's I usually skip the sides. (Though I did like their fries...the sweet potato tots were too greasy I thought.)

                    I'll be trying out the new location at the beginning of January, so I guess I'll be more informed then.