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Sep 1, 2009 08:22 AM

Seminar dinners near Harvard - $60/head all-in max

I'm going to be in charge of choosing restaurants for some dinners after seminars this semester. The budget is at most $60/head, including tax/tip, and with maybe a bottle of wine for every 4 people. The party size will be 12-20, at a guess. Does anyone have suggestions of where would be good to go? Shouldn't be too far from Harvard Sq - I think Green St is about as far as they've gone in the past.

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  1. you can do Rialto (in Harvard Sq) for that price if people don't go overboard ordering...

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    1. re: barleywino

      No way to do Rialto for 60$/head all-included, unless you order crackers as everyones main.

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        you can do an entree and an app for 60$ including tax and tip...for example, 1/2 lasagna $13 (which is quite substantial btw), lobster entree $29 = $42, tax and tip another say $11, you still have $7 left over for coffee...since they'll be having a glass of wine as well, they might not even need dessert after that (or order less expensive wine so you can throw in dessert)

    2. By seminar dinners, do you mean taking out a visiting speaker and assorted other people? (So it should be nice.) Or the students in a class, in which case it can be a little rougher around the edges?

      The default destination used to be Elephant Walk for the former and Changsho for the latter. I would add Green St and Rendezvous, Upstairs on the Square, Chez Henri, Gran Gusto, Ten Tables & Garden at the Cellar may be too small, Zoe's (Chinese, not diner), Om, Sandrine's.

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        Yes, a visiting speaker, and other people (mostly graduate students). Thanks for the list - looks very helpful.

      2. have you tried Shay's wine bar. Its essentially an English style pub with a sophisitcated wine list and a variety of beer. The food is als top notch if a bit pubby. the atmosphere would be most conducive to lively discussion after a seminar. Some would call it gritty. its on JFK street at the end closest the river

        1. Last year I held several such dinners at Henrietta's Table, Small Plates, and (with shared appetizers) East Coast Grill. All came out at or under 60 dollars per person.