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Sep 1, 2009 08:10 AM


My wife is planning to take me to the above restaurant, our first time there, for my birthday. I see in Zagat average cost is $65 PP. I don't believe any Chinese food is worth THAT much. Any input?


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  1. looks like you answered your own question.

    1. It certainly can be but the food there is not.

      1. There's nothing unique about the food. It's good and well prepared, but not particularly interesting. The price comes from the location, upscale room and attentive waiter/captain service. I wouldn't go there on my own dime.

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        1. re: rothsteg

          I love Chinese food and I think it can be worth that much, on occasion. That would be a fair price for a banquet style offering in better Chinese restaurants, all of them well-known and praised on this board. But in that place, highly unlikely, sigh... That's IMHO. And don't get me started on the quality-of-service thingy: just try any decent Taiwanese place. Or, check out the captain at SG @39th St, an older, soft-spoken Chinese guy who saved my face too many times over the years (we'd like to have a grand party for our special guests from HK later today, that'll be 16 people, that's right, sir)

          1. re: diprey

            Thanks to all of you. We decided to go to Chin Chin.