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Sep 1, 2009 08:08 AM

New York Lunchbox

Have any of you eaten at New York Lunchbox at 255 W. 36th between 7th and 8th? I think it may be new...

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  1. ate there today, still a little disorganized, but very clean. Seating upstairs. Various sandwiches, paninis, soups, made to order salads and hot food buffet (pay by the pound). Prices seem to be in line with similar places in the area.

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      Ate there yesterday. Very busy with dozens of B&H employees on line. Very simple but good food. All fresh ingredients. The food and atmosphere is very Ben Yehuda. I got the buffet plate ($7.99 a pound plus a free soda!).

      Everything is very clean, the seats are very comfy, and the counterstaff is friendly (and managed to keep their heads even though the POS system melted down while I was there).

      Hechsher is OK (R Gornish). I'm eating there again.

      Prices are high to the point of ridiculousness, but as MGGN says, in line with everyone else in the area. Here's a terrible iPhone picture of the decor.

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        The place looks very small... is it? Their website advertised lunch specials.. sandwich or panini with soup or salad and soda for $8

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          It's long and narrow. I think the dining area should seat about 45 or so comfortably, although I confess I didn't count the seats.

    2. I tried out the Lunchbox today. As noted by mggn, it is rather disorganized; there is no system for placing orders and paying so customers mill about and the more aggressive get served first. The person who prepared my order tried to balance my tray on the soups (the ladles proved an impediment to that). Unfortunately, I mis-ordered. I ordered a mozzarella panini and salad combo. What I received was a pre-made, room temperature, whole wheat wrap that had 2 paper thin slices of cheese, some chopped tomato and a whole bunch of iceberg lettuce. There was none of the advertised "fresh market basil," but that may have been used in the pesto spread. The "salad" was a small box of iceberg lettuce. In short, my lunch was actually the iceberg lettuce combo not the panini and side salad I had craved. What I should have ordered was the pizza panini, which I saw being made using ample cheese, a fresh-looking sauce and olives. Bizarrely, the woman who ordered it rejected it as having too much cheese (although she had watched it being made). Some of the other available sandwich ingredients, like an olive tapenade I spotted, looked good. Oh well.

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        ate there today, yesterday and will eat there tomm, i find the prices to be an exteme bargain,
        the quiche and the creamy lasagna on the hot buffet was delic!!! and today i had sushi, wow an actual real oriental man made it, it was unreal!!! after having enquired about if the food is prepared fresh daily, i was told by one of the managers that yes it is and in fact the executive chef was brought over from the David Intercontnental in Tel Aviv. One more thing the soup (butternut Squash) is not from this world, it is amazing and will have me thinking about it for days!!!

      2. Is this gone? Closed? My husband tried to go there today for lunch and said that the location was vacated and used to be a deli.

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          I ate there yesterday, so...

          Their phone number is (212) 695-7870

        2. FYI, they've redesinged their website and added some items:

          Quality started out high and only improved, IMHO.