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Sep 1, 2009 08:00 AM

Gulf Shores, AL (Trip #2)

We were at the Gulf Shores earlier this summer and well, we are going on our second trip there this weekend. I have my list of places I want to revisit as well as my list of places to go to.

But, am I missing anything???

Cobalt, Tin Top, Gulf Shore Steamers

Will Visit:
Cosmo's (cuz it's the same owners as Cobalt), Cotton's, maybe the Shed BBQ Joint

Whadya think? We are not interested in the common super-fried, tourist traps. No offense, we love super-fried stuff. Ok, let me rephrase, mostly trying to avoid the standards...

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  1. Your revisit list is fine. I'm not a big Steamers fan, but their Royal Reds are usually worth the visit. Certainly add Cosmo's. I like the banana leaf wrapped fish there. I've never had a good meal at Cotton's in three visits, but it is a popular place.

    Two relatively new entries on the local scene are Nolan's (reopening of a very popular GS restaurant that was destroyed by Ivan) and Magnolia Court in Foley. MC is Foley's first attempt at upscale dining and it seems to be off to a good start. I think you can see both their menus online. Haven't been, yet, but it's on the list for the next couple of weeks.

    Nolan's is in Sawgrass Landing right on Hwy 59 in GS. Magnolia Court is right on Hwy 59 in downtown Foley.