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Sep 1, 2009 07:57 AM

Wine storage

Hi. I just started collecting wine and am interested in suggestions about products and methods. I was thinking of purchasing a wine storage cabinet with enough space for 100 to 200 bottles. That should give my collection room to grow without forcing me to purchase a new cabinet every year. I'm curious to know which makes and models others have used. Are you happy with yours? How long have you been using it? Should I keep all my wine in it, or only those bottles that I want to lay down for a long time. Frankly, I think it is handy to keep a case in a storage cube next to my bar, but if I need to change my habits I will.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Have you considered getting a wine fridge? We get some pretty hot days in the summer where I live, so we have a 48-bottle wine fridge for our nicer wines that we want to keep for a while. We got ours at costco online, don't see it anymore but they have several different sizes you can buy.

    The daily drinkers, I just keep in a rack in one of our kitchen cabinets. We go through these a lot more quickly so this gives us easier access, and since these tend to be the cheaper wines, I don't care so much about storing them at the proper temperature (the bottles never sit longer than a few months anyway). Not sure if this two-tier system would work for you or if you would rather have everything in one spot, but this is what I've found works best for me.

    Though I gotta admit, I'm beginning to outgrow my wine fridge...I just can't stand the empty spaces and keep buying more wine to fill it up!

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      The types of wine storage I am considering are refrigerated, such as the Vintage Keeper, Eurocave, and other brands. I'm just not sure if these are adequate for long term storage. I have a basement, but it is a finished rec room and there is no space for a traditional wine cellar.

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        I used a vintage keeper in my restaurant, storing many expensive wines without any problems whatsoever. In fact, I have the 110-bottle unit in my apartment! They don't look fancy, but they get the job done. I think one of the most important considerations is cost/bottle of your storage solution. This is where smaller wine fridges, Sub Zero and the like, fail miserably. For example, a 220 unit Vintage Keeper is approximately $1200, so storage cost is $5.45/bottle.

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          Wow, thanks bogie for the tip on Vintage Keeper...these look great and seem to be affordably priced (for what you get).

          I started out with a 48-bottle unit thinking we'd never fill it all up, but it's been less than a year and we've already outgrown it! Steve, you were right there! Might be time for an upgrade...

          I see the 220-bottle unit is going for $895...does that include the refrigeration or you have to buy the cooling unit separately?

          1. re: arlenemae

            Oops, I was referring to the Canadian prices for Vintage Keeper. Obviously, they are less expensive in the US. I'm sure that price will be all in, as they are a pre-fab piece of furniture much like IKEA. So you will have to assemble yourself or get it done elsewhere, it's not too hard to build though. Just be aware that the Vintage Keeper units only regulate temperature not humidity. So, if you live in an area with high/fluctuating humidity it may not be the best choice, although the door seals are quite tight.

            1. re: bogie

              Wow! Vintage Keeper is the best price I've ever seen for a unit in this size range, though the assembly issue is one thing I'd be a bit wary of. I assume you're satisfied with the seal at all the joints of the unit, not just the door?? That could affect not only the humidity but the cooling efficiency. Seems rather simple to put together though.

              I would suggest to the OP that you do some Googling on this unit to see if you can find comments from other users. At this price I'm really surprised I've never heard of it before, even after 10+ years in the marketplace and a lot of time on wine boards. Just check it out online.

              Otherwise, I'd recommend Vinotemp as a very reliable, fully-assembled unit. Their economy model in the same size is $1700 but I've had my VinoTemp custom wood finished unit for 10 years of steady use (in SoCal) with never a problem.


              1. re: bogie

                My first unit was the 110 capacity that required assembly, nearing completion one of the seam locks wouldn't engage (joining two of the panels). Sent the sucker back and got the one that was pre-assembled. Would advise against the kits.

      2. A word of warning - I started out thinking I might collect 10-15 bottles per year which were worth investing the time/money to store properly and I bought a 231 bottle Liebherr unit. Needless to say it's totally full and I'm trying to scrape together for another - 6 months after buying the thing!

        Don't underestimate the quantity you will store and buy a small unit. It's not like computers, price to bottle ratio falls rather than rises - so an extra few hundred bucks could get you twice the space.

        1. I would suggest looking into a professional storage facility. They will offer different sized lockers and you can add more space or reduce space as your collection increases or decreases. Also no need to deal with buying a new unit or moving a unit to a different part of the house or to another house.

          Most places allow you to have your wine delivered directly to the storage facility and they will sign for it. It is so much more convenient than dealing with a large storage cabinet.