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Sep 1, 2009 07:41 AM

Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal--Anyone tried it?

I LOVE oatmeal, but have never tried this kind. I see it and wonder if it is worth the price (usually buy store brand or Quaker old-fashioned oats). Anyone tried it? Would you recommend it?

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  1. I really liked it and bought it when it was for sale at Big Lots, when I could justify the more expensive price for the product, even at a a discount store.

    I liked that it was a heartier texture than even old fashioned but less fussy to cook than steel-cut.....but since I started pre-soaking steel-cut for quicker prep in the morning, I haven't bought it (even though they're pretty different from each other in terms of texture). When I buy steel-cut oats from bulk, the price works out to be less expensive than the Silver Palate boxes at retail price.

    1. I had a box awhile back. Cooks slower than normal Quaker oats but has a more toothsome texture. But it's a yawn compared to steel-cut, which takes a half-hour to cook but is orders of magnitude better, especially when you toast it with a teaspoon of butter in the saucepan before adding water to boil it.

      1. We LOVE it It takes such a small amt and you are FULL until lunch on such a small amt We have tried other brands and this is our favorite Chewy and nutty and so flavorful mmmmm

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          My sister boughtsome Silver Palate & hated it, so they gave the remainder to me. I normally use McCann's steel cut and there is no comparison. I don't understand what the SP "thick & rough" is trying to achieve. It definitely isn't comparable to steel cut. I don't see it as comparable to regular rolled oats except maybe lumpier. It look like regular rolled oats only bulked up somehow. I've tried it a couple of times & will finish it off, but no more...