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Sep 1, 2009 07:31 AM

Anniversary Lunch – Meal/Adventure?

Wife and I are trying to find something to do for our anniversary (Sept 8). Due to babysitting timing it will need to be in the morning/afternoon. We were going to do lunch and a show, but there really doesn't seem to be much playing right now. So, plan B is a meal experience. I am talking about a tasting menu, or dining experience of some sort that will take maybe 2 to4 hours and make for an enjoyable afternoon. I'd prefer if we kept it under $200 if possible (wife won't be drinking, I will have a beer at most).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Sorry, forgot to specify GTA.

    1. I just checked George and it seems to have a scaled-down tasting menu. You might want to call ahead and let them know what you're looking for and they might be able to suggest additions to your meal. The other thing is that you can request to sit on the patio if it's a nice day. Really lovely outdoor space. Mixed reviews on this board, but generally better than worse, I think.

      Fancy lunch tasting menus aren't really common and with the way all the restos are closing, tasting menus are gettin' scarce. That's the only place that came to mind.

      --- -- food. is. love.

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        Their lunch tasting menu doesn't look too bad, it's a possibility. Thanks jlunar, I'm used to seeing you over at RFD!!

        Though a tasting menu would be fun, any "experience" would be good. My wife just mentioned the 360 restaurant at CN tower. It certainly would fit the experience label, but I went there years ago and the food was good, but not very interesting.

        Any other suggestions folks?

        1. re: Squiggles

          What about lunch at C5, followed by a stroll through the ROM?

          1. re: Squiggles

            hahaha, hey squiggles!

            I'd avoid 360 if you're interested in food. TorontoJo's suggestion of ROM is good too.

            JK Wine Bar is open for lunch apparently (and takes reservations!) so that is a nice food option. Maybe take a tour around SLM and the Distillery afterward? There's the Taste Of Quebec at the Distillery which had a phenomenally good pork terrine. Sorry, I didn't get the name - was at a wine/cheese thing at a gallery.

        2. Maybe a dim sum lunch at Lai Wah Heen?

          Although I'd probably choose George... especially if you lucked out and got a good day for end-of-season patio weather.