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Bizarre Foods Cancelled-Review of Zimmern's new show

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i did not realize that last season was the last season. I guess there is only so many animal penis you can eat before it gets old.

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  1. I got a smidge excited when I saw your post. I had felt that his show had gotten a same old, same old (penis) feel to it. But this sounds very bland. I like No Reservations because, when he gets away from food, he doesn't mind speaking up about the politics, etc. But, of course, the two men ARE very different, aren't they? Anyway, thank for sharing this and we'll TiVo it

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      I actually find Bourdain boring when he strays into his political commentary. He usually says nothing but vague cliches that seem to have meaning enhanced by camera angles that show him alone pondering the world.

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        Well, I'll admit that I kinda have the hots for Tony :) (I've always been attracted to the "bad boys" though I didn't marry one.) So you're probably right.

        I do wish it were more about food but both shows are the Travel Channel, aren't they?

    2. My impression, from watching the preview of the new show, was that the old one evolved into the new. Same people, same style, just less focus on the foods, and more on cultures and events. In a sense No Reservations changed in the same way.

      1. I actually enjoyed Bizarre Food (more than No Res). This new show just doesn't sound very exciting from a foodie perspective.

        1. As long as they remove the microphone from his molar, I'm good with it.

          1. I've always liked the guy and wish his new show luck.

            1. I saw some of the Cuba show and it was pretty intteresting--a look at life in a country we Americans are officially not supposed to visit. He got criticized by the NYT reviewer for not putting things in political context and I agree. He tries tree rat, comments how incredibly gamy it is, and then makes a statement like: "Cuba is the only country in the Caribbean where the tree rat is hunted for food." There's a reason for that--Cubans are incredibly poor. I've been there and it's a very oppressive and depressing place, despite the regime's efforts to sugarcoat things with music and dancing. I didn't see the whole show so I can't say if Zimmern tried to sugarcoat things or not.

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                I got halfway through it but then couldn't stomach his commentary anymore. To paraphrase:" "Cubans are happier than Americans because they aren't connected to their cellphones and the internet as much as we are." Because they ARE NOT ALLOWED! It was maddening and I didn't even read the NYT article until this morning. I don't know if he wasn't allowed to comment negatively on Castro and/or the effect of the American embargo but he came off as an patronizing idiot.