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Sep 1, 2009 07:13 AM

Amsterdam for convention

Looking for places to eat (B, L, D) while at convention in Amsterdam. Six dinners are already decided -- Indonesian, French, Tio Pepe's, Chinese, and an Argentinean steak house. Have also had Japanese pancakes. Open to any cuisine, prefer inexpensive or moderate prices. Staying at the Renaissance on Kattengat, convention at RAI Centre. Any suggestions for places near either of these? Thanks!

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  1. There a good tapas place not far from the hotel, it's called "Catala Tapas", and it's on the Spuistraat 299. Choose from the dishes already made that are at the bar - much cheaper and very yummy.

    Great Mexican is "Los Pilones", there are two:

    For breakfast, there's a v. small cafe with a round green sign at this address: Wijde Heisteeg 3HS
    1016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. - Order the Uitsmijter with three eggs, bacon and roast beef.

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    1. re: foodiejess

      Whoa, hey – put your brakes on there. I would heavily caveat Los Pilones as “Great (for Amsterdam) Mexican”. It sounds like you are coming from the US, so while Los Pilones is good (and I like eating there)… it is still not likely to be significantly better that what is probably available to you back home.

      Here are some other suggestions in your price range:

      Traditional Dutch: Hap Hmm
      Bang-for-your-buck Steak: Café Loetje
      Tibetan / Nepalese: Sherpa
      Chain Asian / Noodles: Wagamama

      Restaurant Sherpa
      Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 58 Amsterdam

      Wijn- en Spijslokaal "De Witte Uyl"
      Frans Halsstraat 26 Amsterdam

      1. re: rastan

        Agree with rastan on Los Pilones. It's good, honest Mexican food, but nothing more.

        There is a great Italian traiteur near the RAI: You should definitely sneak out and have a great sandwich or pasta there. It's on Scheldestraat, a 5 minute walk.

        An alternative for steak also near RAI would be an Argentinian on Maasstraat. Again good food, nothing special.


        1. re: dutchgrub

          Thanks rastan and dutchgrub! Yes, my husband and coworkers are there now. So far they have eaten at Tio Pepes (very good they said), De Compagnon—the French restaurant they love, and an Indonesian place (probably Cilubang since they've eaten there before).

          Still planned are De Kas and a Chinese place they liked.

          I will forward on your suggestions for the remaining three dinners plus lunches.

          Really appreciate it.