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Sep 1, 2009 06:48 AM

Best lunch in Frederick, Md.?

Headed there on Saturday and since we will only be there for one meal -- lunch -- I'm looking for recommendations near the shops on Market Street. What place shouldn't we miss? And, by the same token, what should we avoid? Open to all cuisines.

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  1. If Volt is open I would definitely go there. By far the best cuisine.

      1. re: bobif

        I third Volt. I was just there for lunch on Sunday, and it was excellent. I posted a review under one of the Restaurant Week threads in case you want to check it out:

      2. Cafe Kyoko on W. Patrick St just before the court house. You can see the sign from the street, but the actual entrance is in the alley. They have really good Japanese and Thai food.

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        1. re: dutch7798

          I'm intrigued by Volt and the Top Chef connection -- too hard to get a table these days?
          What are your thoughts on Cacique, the Tasting Room, Isabella's, and La Paz?

          1. re: jme90

            We really enjoy the Tasting Room very much. Excellent food and good service!

            1. re: Transplanted Texan

              What do you order at the Tasting Room? Any stand-out dishes? Thanks.

              1. re: Gigi007

                Lola, I mean Gigi007 the best dish for lunch at the Tasting Room is the lamb brushcetta and friends swear by the lobster chowder.

                1. re: Trip Klaus

                  LOL, T.K. Yes, it's me... :) Thanks for the advice and all your great reviews. Thanks to you, I made it to Volt and loved it! :)

                2. re: Gigi007

                  I haven't been there this summer, but last year I really loved their gazpacho. I apologize but I can't remember what else we ate.

                  1. re: Transplanted Texan

                    Thanks, TT. It's all good, and I love gazpacho!

                  2. re: Gigi007

                    Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. We eventually wound up at the Tasting Room, where we had a delicious lunch and some fine wine at the bar. I tackled the yummy lobster chowder and experienced a severe case of order envy when my husband's veal cutlets arrived. After tasting this layered concoction of saffron risotto, breaded veal, and arugula salad, I swore then and there that we'll return to the Tasting Room -- soon.

                    1. re: jme90

                      Sounds delicious. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to trying the Tasting Room.The only thing is that I liked my first meal at Volt so much that I can't wait to go back. It would probably be overdoing it to go to both restaurants in one day! Wish Frederick were closer to DC...

                      1. re: Gigi007

                        Trust me, even after the delicious lunch at the Tasting Room, I still want to give Volt a try. Love Top Chef, but after seeing the express lunch menu for the lounge -- pick three for $14 -- I'm even more intrigued.

                        1. re: jme90

                          jme90, I was at Volt for RW and it was fantastic. I haven't tried the express lunch, but have heard good reports. I'm also interested in Volt's brunch menu and of course, Table 21 although I don't know if I could make it through 21 courses. Hope you make it to Volt soon!

                          P.S. I just saw my first episode of Top Chef recently. Bryan Voltaggio really likes to cook with corn and did a great job. His brother Michael made an awesome-looking gazpacho. Seems like they would be the dream team!

                          1. re: Gigi007

                            Each course is only a few bites and if you have any restrictions you can let them know ahead of time. We did Table 21 a couple years ago and it was worth it and you did not leave stuffed.

                3. re: jme90

                  La Paz is pretty good! The food is great, the atmosphere is nice and the portions are pretty big!

                  1. re: jme90

                    During the day it is not difficult to get reservations at Volt and the restaurant was great well before the Top Chef hype. I cannot recommend Isabelle's if you like traditional Spanish tapas this is not the place. Better than La Tasca but that's not saying much. The Tasting Room is definitely a step above most restaurant but not up to Volt's quality but lower priced. Depend's on whether you can get back to Volt for a special dinner if not go.

                  2. re: dutch7798

                    Cafe Kyoko closed a couple years ago. It's now a restaurant called Quynn's Attic. By the way, it's on East Patrick St. I like Quynn's but have never been for lunch.

                    Cafe Nola on E. Patrick is good for sandwiches. Isabella's is great if you like tapas (get the asparagus!) The Tasting Room is good, but it's very noisy if there are a lot of people there.

                    1. re: LizH

                      Wow! I guess I don't make it into Frederick as much as I'd want. I'm the only adventurous foodie in my group of friends.

                  3. i'll n-th the Volt recommendations and add Isabella's - I think it they have some of the best tapas in DC right now. The asparagus fries, goat cheese fritters and stuffed dates are my favorites.

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                    1. re: reiflame

                      Reiflame, good to know about Isabella's. After our most excellent lunch at Volt Sunday, we passed it and the Tasting Room. I'm now curious about both of them. The stuffed dates sound amazing.

                    2. the handmade calzones at pretzel and pizza creations are incredible. Honestly, everything at that place is good, they use a sweet eastern european pretzel dough for everything, >drools<.

                      Cafe Nola's sandwiches are lovely, if you can stand a wait.

                      Volt's pick-3/$14 lounge lunch is the best deal ever. I get 2 lamb burgers and the side salad, pure heaven.