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Sep 1, 2009 06:13 AM

10 Year Anniversary- Theatre Dinner

I have a work associate from Pennsylvania who is celebrating his 10 year anniversary with his wife. I suggested he take her to see a show and then for a romantic dinner.... I also suggested diamonds! :)

He is looking for a "nice restaurant in the city somewhere near the theatre district." They will be staying at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway.

Quote from him: "Looking for something nice, not too expensive with a really nice atmosphere… wife and I enjoy a good steak, italian food, southwestern / Mexican…..nothing really extravagant."

Some suggestions I thought to offer him:

Anyone have any recommendations or ideas?

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    1. re: piegirl74

      I second Insieme! Great Italian food.

    2. Victors- LOVE this place- great suggestion.
      Del Friscos for steak- their layered onion rings are amazing.

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      1. re: Jodigoldin

        I wouldnt reccoemend victor's or del frisco's.
        I would reccomend marseille or trattoria tre colori

      2. Piano Due on West 51st is a very good Italian restaurant.Nice, large bar/lounge on the main floor with an elevator to the dining room on the 2nd floor.It may be a bit fancier and more expensive than your friend is looking for,but a nice classy place to celebrate a 10th anniversary.Vice Versa,also Italian and on West 51st, has good food with a bit lower prices.Good service and decor.They also have a back garden/courtyard.A little less formal than Piano Due,so may be a better fit.Insieme,as piegirl74 suggested,is an excellent choice also.Two top notch Greek restaurants,if they want to try something a little different, are Anthos(West 52nd) and Molyvos(7th Ave/Upper 50s). There are many steakhouses nearby.Del Frisco's,which doesn't get much love on this website but I agree with jodigoldin that it is a quality spot.Also Quality Meats(Upper West 50s),
        The Palm,Ruth's Chris,Ben Benson's.All expensive,as steakhouses tend to be.Two other places I would recoomend are Bar Americain(West 52nd),a Bobby Flay restaurant.Varied menu with a southwestern emphasis.I had lunch recently at Beacon and liked it very much.Many dishes are grilled over a wood fire.Large range of prices on the menu.Can end up spending a lot but don't have to.Service was good in a nice setting.
        One last place,another Italian restaurant,is Remi.I think it's on West 52nd(maybe 51st).
        Good food,etc. although I haven't been there in a few years.