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Sep 1, 2009 06:06 AM

Is Good Asian possible in Charleston SC?

Having recently moved here from DC I am suffering from all things asian withdrawal! I love chinese,dim sum, thai, and vietnemese food. I have had some luck buying ingredients and cooking myself at H&L market. Also enjoyed Basil and Dragon Palace(although both seem overpriced a bit). Any hidden asian hotspots out there?Help!

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  1. For Chinese I like Red Orchids in West Ashley. It's a bit higher-end than the typical Chinese take-out place. Basil is definitely my favorite Thai place, but it is a bit pricy and gets very crowded. I've heard Jasmine Thai, on James Island, is very good, but I haven't been there. Another place you might try is Party Kingdom Bistro, for pho. It got an incredibly good review in the City Paper:

    1. I will second the Jasmine and Party Kingdom recs. Eat in at Jasmine though, I am always disappointed when I get it to go. There is also a good take-out chinese place near Ion off Shelmore Blvd in Mt. Pleasant, this place is better than others with a great fried eggplant dish. Unfortunately, thats about all we have! No dim sum or authentic Chinese. For that, you are going to have to do it yourself! The boyfriend and I frequently lament the lack of good Asian food here in charleston! I have a cousin who will not move here due to the absence of Dim Sum. Very sad indeed.

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        I have felt your pain. I moved here from DC in '96. While there are some ok places, Basil being my favorite, I think you must learn to love shrimp and grits. You'll get used to it.

      2. Anyone try KIM'S Japanese/Korean place?
        1716 Old Towne Rd
        Charleston, SC 29407-5035

        I may go myself this weekend but any input would be great!

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          I have not tried Kim's, but I have always been intrigued. The parking lot is always full, but yet I don't know anyone who has eaten there. The City Paper did a write up not too long ago, it might give you some insight. If you go you must post, this is one review I would really look forward to.

          They also have a website:

          Back to the OP. I also like Basil, Dragon Palace and Red Orchid. I have also had a good meal at Taste of Thai in West Ashley on Orleans Rd. I found their Pad Thai to be every bit as good as Basil's. I will say that I have never eaten in the restaurant, only carry out, but the staff seems very friendly. There are also a lot of places in North Charleston, you just have to drive around and look for them.

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            For cheap Chinese food buffet, I like the C&W buffet on River Rd. For a six dollar Asian buffet, I have to believe it's as good as you'll find. Basil is obviously quality, but it is too expensive. There's now a new WOK place downtown, anyone had that?

        2. Try Pho Bac in North Charleston, located by the ice rink. Great Vietanemese food.

          1. Basil is very good but overpriced and difficult to get a table. It's the only reasonable option downtown, though. The best Thai I've had in Charleston is Tasty Thai in a strip mall on Orleans road across from Citadel Mall. It's worth the drive. Sadly, there is no other decent Asian that I've found here. There is a new upscale Sushi place by Brett McKee going in on Upper King. Also, Carolina Crew are redoing the Boathouse on Eastbay into an upscale Asian place. I'd be satisfied with a ripoff of P.F. Chang's (or even Pei Wei), but hopefully it will be even better.

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              Tasty Thai just opened another location downtown, where Little Thai Too used to be.

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                I visited Taste of Thai again this past week and once again had just an okay experience. So far, I have found that the only dishes that are consistently done well are those composed of noodles. The appetizers are always bland (I have tried the stuffed shrimp, egg rolls-- which are technically fried spring rolls--- and steamed pork & shrimp dumplings). Soup is bland, duck overcooked, curry portions small. Basil may be a little pricier (and not much) but the atmosphere is ten times better and I have never received a bland dish in the years I have been frequenting the restaurant. Also just to reiterate, Jasmine on James Island is consistenly tastier than the Taste of Thai, in my opinion at least.