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Sep 1, 2009 05:01 AM

slow cooked pinto beans cooked with a bit of salty pork / ham in Orlando

does anyone know where one may get such a dish in the Orlando area?

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  1. Well,, I know of two places that serve this dish but it's not a regular menu item that you can buy on demand. Most southern folk refer to the dish as pinto bean soup. OB's 1750 north in deland serves this a a soup of the day type of thing. Call them and they will tell you when they are making it! . There is also a place here on mount dora that serves it for lunch. Bates market at the corner of 7th and donnelly serves this dish as a seasonal soup. Mrs. Bates prepares soup durring the cold months of Dec,Jan,feb and march. Pinto bean and ham is served there atleast once a week durring those months. You might try some of the home cookin places around.