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Ogunquit / York Revisited

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I've taken an assortment of day trips and overnights in the area over the last month. We've gone to and reported on most of these restaurants, consider this an update:

Blue Sky - York Beach - We sat at the outside bar and enjoyed Mai Tai's, Martinis, Shrimp Cocktail and Ceasar salad. I like this place because the bar / location is perfect, the drinks are the best in the area and the appetizers are well done. That said I still won't eat dinner there until they become more consistent and change their menu.

Blue Heaven or something like that - It's in Ogunquit near Splash, facing the bay. I had a Cajun Chicken Sandwich and my wife had the Crab Cakes. Not good at all. The Crab Cakes were 90% stuffing and the quality of the Chicken was poor, very poor. This is the second time in a row we've had bad meals there. We will not return.

Splash on Ogunquit Beach - The food is average to poor but what the hell, the location is perfect. The service is consistently great, meaning that the beers keep coming. Don't order the Shrimp though........

Frills - An inexpensive alternative to the beach scene, nice location off of Shore Drive. We had the fully loaded burgers. The beef wasn't of the highest quality but the price was right. Also, great service and drinks.

Black Sushi in Ogunquit - In my opinion, the best restaurant in the area. Besides the sushi the chef makes the best salad I've ever had.

Joshua's in Wells - This was our first time and expectations were high. As usual we sat in the bar and ordered appetizers and cocktails. We ordered Crab Cakes, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Salad and Ice Cream. The Crab Cakes and the Ice Cream were outstanding. I don't like Ice Cream but loved Joshua's Home Made Ice Cream. On a sour note, when I asked for a Manhattan they only Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth. This place is too nice not to carry better Vermouth. At a minimum they should carry Nouilly Pratt. Because we sat in the bar I can't say too much about the service but the Bartender was excellent. I recommend and will return.

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  1. The restaurant near Splash is Blue Water Inn.Too bad about the food- the location is nice. This place has become popular for rinks in the afternoon but the food really is not good. Firlls is on Shore Road. Have not tried it- thanks for the review. Blue Sky in York is such a beautiful restaurant- too bad that the food and service still need improvement.