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Aug 31, 2009 10:32 PM

rehearsal dinner - Westside.

HI everyone. I am getting married in February 2010 and I am starting to look into rehearsal dinner locations. I want to stay on the Westside, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. I need a place that can hold about 65 people and one that is not going to break the bank. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. How much do you want to spend per person?
    What kind of food do you want?
    Congratulations, by the way.

    1. I forgot, I am open to all sorts of places. "California" style cuisine or ethnic foods such as Italian and upperscale Mexican or Thai food. I do not have an exact amount yet... but nothing too pricey. thanks!!

      1. I went to a rehearsal dinner once at Il Moro (on Olympic) - Excellent Italian. Everyone was happy.

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          I have been to a few rehersal dinners at Il Moro-They will set you up on their patio and you can let them know how much you are hoping to spend per person.

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              Because of the large size, it would have to be about $30/pp.

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                Between the price of your budget, and the size of your group, I'm afraid you'll probably have to rule out Santa Monica. There just aren't many places tha I can think of that will accomodate that many people, without renting the whole place, and stay within that budget. Even places like El Cholo, which is not a rec, btw, would cost you more than that! Same for Beverly Hills, the real estate is just too expensive and most places are just too small.

                One thought, you may want to try a smaller hotel chain type, they may need the business, and can work with your size & budget. Try Luxe, on Sunset & the 405, there was a write up about them recently in the Post, and possibly they may work with you. Cannot tell you anything about the food, however.

                Or you may want to try some places in Westwood, although it is not all the convenient to get in and out of, esp at rush hour, but neither is Bev Hills, frankly! Larger places like Napa Valley Grille (which is decent) may work with you. Parking will be a bitch tho, esp. with school back in session (UCLA).

                Best of luck! :)

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                  are you saying $30/pp before tax, tip, 'service charge,' beverages (non-alcoholic), alcoholic beverages? (i.e. about $50/pp when all is said and done)

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                    $30 pp is hard. One place I would recommend is Maggianos at the Grove. The food is not going to blow anyone away, but it is reliable and tasty -- and reasonably priced. The family style service allows you to preorder dishes to be delivered to the tables.

                    Friends of mine went to a party recently at Mexico y Barra in West Hollywood and said the food was quite good. It's going to be close to your budget limit, but if high-end Mexican is what you have in mind, it might work. I did hear the drinks were pretty lousy. I can't speak to the space though.

                    There also is El Torito Grill in Beverly Hills (or is it still going by the name Sinigual?). Most people would just have tortillas or chips and salsa plus an entree, which would also leave room for them to order drinks. It's more upscale than regular El Toritos and actually have some decent food items. I believe they have a space separate from the main restaurant that could hold as many as 65.

                    Another option is Spark Woodfire Grill on Pico. Again, not the best food, but the space can handle a group your size and you might be able to arrange a menu that fits your price range.

            2. As long as the $30 doesn't also include alcoholic beverages, Il Fornaio in Santa Monica could work for you. Tasty, solid Italian & excellent service. I believe their patio would accommodate your group & they should be able to design a menu for your budget. I Cugini is a little pricier (and no better in my opinion), but I've been to a buffet style rehearsal dinner there that worked well (their patio is very well suited to the size of your group) & it indeed might be w/in your budget.

              Also, you may be able to keep costs down (@ whatever restaurant you choose) by bringing in your own wine & working out a corkage agreement.