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Aug 31, 2009 09:49 PM

Starving Foodie Student

Just moved to NYC from Boston, attending NYU and would love to know some affordable places to eat in the East Village/Union Square area- aside form the NYU dining halls... Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and especially places that are quick or good for take out.

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  1. check out Grand Sichuan on St.Mark's, Cafe Mogador for Moroccan breakfasts, Zaab City on 13th St for grilled pork salad and green papaya salad, Cacio e Vino for Sicilian food...

    Also, i'd recommend doing a search on this board under: "East Village" plus "takeout", "affordable", "NYU" and "cheap", and you'll get hundreds of suggestions...

    1. Porchetta
      San Loco
      Royale (alphabet city)
      Pete's Tavern
      Momofuku Ssam and Noodle
      Rai Rai Ken
      Peanut Butter & Co

      That's off the top of my head (I went to NYU as well)

      1. Stand
        Rainbow Falafel
        The Smith

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            I second Time Out NY's Cheap Eats issue/link. It's a good resource.
            On the website, they categorize by neighborhood. Neighborhoods closest to NYU are east village, greenwich village, soho. A little further is chinatown or murray hill.
            Also check out this website:
            They usually have some places in ny.

          2. Artichoke Basille's and, a bit farther afield, you're not *that* far from walking to Chinatown. Hard to find a better, more filling $2.50 lunch than a sesame pancake with beef and an order of dumplings at Prosperity.

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              Pita Joe's on 14th St / 5th Ave

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                I second Prosperity. Their $1 Sesame Pancake with Vegetables will definitely make one of the cheapest and most filling lunches you can find. And it's delicious. Dumplings and pork buns are too.

                Non-take out:
                There is supposed to be some crazy all you can eat/drink happy hour at Boka on St Marks for Korean Fried Chicken and Beer. I wanna say it was in the low $20s for all you can consume.

                Also Pukk on 1st and 4th if you want a sit down place to share food and cocktails with friends. Cocktails are $5, and pretty good, entrees are around $8, apps are $5. Its vegetarian, but I like it, and I'm a dedicated carnivore. You have to know to order some things extra spicy, or they're too sweet (like the curries). They do delivery too.

                Cheap sushi around the corner at Jeollado -- they usually have some sort of special that is ridiculously cheap. Also a good place for friends, since getting a large table is easy.