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Aug 31, 2009 09:04 PM


three yrs after THE GREENS closed,I went to WILD GINGER 112 Smith Street--good lunch special.It is a five minute walk from 140 Livingston Street Housing Court.Under Zev Schwarcz hashgacha.It is great to have a kosher place again---I still miss THE GREENS.

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  1. Wild Ginger is good. Though be careful, there are treife wines on the menu; and despite the restaurant being called "vegan" some of the drinks are milchig, and there is one milchig main course on the menu (it's marked).

    And a bit further down Smith, between 4th & 5th Sts, is Olga's.

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      awesome news !
      the one in manhattan is very good. is it a similar menu?

    2. How does it compare to The Greens? Same type of menu?

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        No. Greens was Chinese, this is more South-East-Asian. You can see the menu at (Note that the Bedford Ave location is NOT kosher, but the Broome St and Smith St ones are.)

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          Thanks, looking forward to trying it. What do you recommend?

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            Hot and sour soup or pumpkin soup. Malaysian curry.

      2. Thanks for the heads up!! Hopstop shows it to be a 13min walk from my job! Some of their menu items look like it may work with my diet.

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          I'm very unfamiliar with Rabbi Schwarcz's hechsher. I know this is frowned upon in this forum, but can anyone shed light on this or direct me elsewhere? Thanks.

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            Rabbi Zev Schwarcz

            International Kosher Council
            Brooklyn, NY 11218, U.S.A.
            Tel: 805.259.5071

            You can give him a call - better yet, give him a "bechina" :)

        2. We went to Wild Ginger last night with some friends. Really cool looking place, all dark wood and cool lamps, dim lighting, and a really nice vibe. The plates were heavy, white, and square... very nice presentation of all the dishes.

          The waiter was a gem, and helped us choose appetizers and entrees. He suggested that we share everything. We has scallion pancakes and tofu skins as appetizers. Scallion pancake was a smallish portion topped with a delicious mango salsa. Totally different than any scallion pancake I've had. The tofu skin was kind of like a giant spring roll filled with vegetables and strips of tofu.

          Entrees- they all came with a salad.. and we got a hot and sour soup to share- excellent
          - Jade Mushrooms- the best thing we got. It's battered shiitake mushrooms in a slightly sweet sauce with steamed kale. Very crispy and totally addicting
          - General Tsao's "Chicken"- We all liked it, but said it's not something we would run to order again. The fake chicken was very tender and tasted almost like the real stuff. Sauce was sticky and delicious. This one came with steamed broccoli.
          - Kimchee Noodles- Seitan and kimchee stir fried with udon noodles. The men loved it, the women liked the flavor but thought it was too spicy. I wasn't able to eat more than a few bites since it was so spicy, but it was really tasty.
          - Moo Shu Pancakes- I loved this. The wraps were tender and warm, and the filling was all shredded veggies and tofu. Hoisin sauce was delicious. It's a great dish to share. They also offer it with a side of brown rice instead of the wrappers.

          We had passionfruit lemonades, and one friend had a Chinese beer. Lemonade was delicious. My friends ordered a chocolate peanut butter bombe for dessert, said it was delicious, but no comments b/c I didn't taste it.

          BTW... they have a wheat free menu

          1. Can someone tell me if Wild Ginger has a mashgiach on premises? Who cleans the veggies? Some of the mashgichim of vegan places say they do not need a mashgiach on premises if all the food "can be eaten raw",. When I ask who cleans the vegetables, one said to me- they dont want bugs as much as we dont....It was a little fishy. I would love to find a vegetarian place with a mashgiach on premises....

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              No, it doesn't have a mashgiach on premises. Rabbi Schwarcz visits approximately once a day, and lights the fires. Any questions (and yours is a good one) should be directed to him; his email and phone number are listed above, and I know he welcomes questions from consumers, or at least he's always welcomed mine :-)

              1. re: zsero

                From Rabbi Schwarcz's Blog:

                First of all, every restaurant has an incentive NOT to serve bugs. No patron wants to eat bugs. And a bug served could ruin their reputation. Plus a Vegan place has even more of an incentive.

                Secondly, I do inspect the way they check and clean for bugs on their own as the way an establishment checks is not inherently acceptable. But in the places that I certify they were serious about not serving bugs and the method they used was acceptable. I only requested a second rinse after checking and they comply.


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                  Yeah, I saw that and intend to ask him about it. Because the sort of bugs we're talking about, things about the size of a dot on this screen, are not the sort of thing a casual consumer will ever find and complain about, so the restaurant's reputation is not in any danger. If that's what he's relying on it's a problem.