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Aug 31, 2009 08:56 PM

Mangez Ici card

It just occured to me that there is no post about the Mangez Ici card on this site... I've had one for the past 2 years, and save more than the card's worth every year so I find it useful.

I bought it for 10$ again this year, and get 15% off in a hundred restaurants in Montreal until the end of December. The list is available on the web site (French only).
The Exploratours counter at the Peel infotouriste center has them, otherwise you can buy it online. I see on the website that there is now a 2 months card for 4$, a 2 year card for 10$ and a lifetime one for 40$.

You present it while ordering. I've never had any problem, even if the waiter is unfamiliar with the card. Someone else in the place can always confirm the rebate!

Thought it would be nice to share this. The more people use it, the more other restaurants will join in ...

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  1. We also don't hear too much about the Montreal Diner's Deck. 52 restaurants... offering 10% discount. Some offer it only for dinner, others include lunch. The deck does not expire nor is there a minimum. Should any of the restaurants go out of business, they will send you a replacement card... dealer's choice. I like it because it is small enough to carry in my purse.

    1. Oh nice, I noticed a couple of places immediately that I visit at least a few times a year. I'm going to talk to the hubby about it - I assume we would each need one?

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        Actually no, one card is enough for up to 4 people under the same bill. Great, isn't it? No restaurant accepts the card on public holidays, that's the main restriction.

        About the Diner's Deck: where can we buy it Andria? I checked out the web site, but it seems only US cards are sold online. I think it would make a great gift idea! In Canada, is it 10% off or 10$ off like in the US?

        1. re: Chocolatine

          Ooooh, that's even better - I'm totally going to pick one of those up then!

          1. re: Chocolatine

            Oops! That would be $10 off... I stand corrected.

            The contact for the Diner's Deck is Linda Gal 514-626-3555.

            If, however you are at the chowdown at the Sparrow this week-end, I could bring a few packs. I bought 20 last year to keep for gift giving and have 10 left.

            1. re: Andria

              Wow, 20 packs, I see you buy in bulk!! Thanks for proposing, I'd like to get a closer look and see which 52 restaurants are featured. We'll 'exchange cards'.. I know, I know, easy one :)

              1. re: Andria

                Where can we see the list of Montreal restaurants that are offered on the Diner's Deck?

                1. re: hungryann

                  I will check my open decks tomorrow and list a few places here.

          2. Sorry to say the Mangez Ici card has not been such a bargain for me this year... as I still wasn't able to get a hold of one. After 3 months I've given up!

            I ordered it on their web site and paid by Pay Pal last April. It never arrived, so after a couple of weeks I emailed the company - they claimed a mail error and said they'd ship another one to me. Since that one didn't make it either (?), I was then promised a personal delivery. Didn't happen. I got tired of this nonsense and stopped by the Exploratours counter at the Peel infotouriste office, the only store selling the card. Well, at that time late June, they had not been supplied with cards at all in 2010!

            All this tells me there were no cards out there to start with. My attemps to get my money back have failed, and now the Mangez Ici fellow doesn't return my calls or emails.
            The delay to challenge a transaction with PayPal has elapsed (now I'll know better) - it's just 12$ so no big deal, but I hate being ripped off...

            I'd suggest to anyone interested to buy it in person at Exploratours if they get cards at some point, not on-line ...

            Hopefully this might save others some disappointment!