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Aug 31, 2009 08:47 PM

Wanted to know the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich, Ct?

I am possibly moving to Greenwich, Ct soon. Wanted to know if someone can help me find the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich? I eat out every night. I am a big foodie and love to eat anything. Looking for a variety with good ambience and tasty food? Look forward to your advice and comments?

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  1. One favoite is a VERY small crepe place at the bottom of Greenwich Ave called Meli-Melo. They also have nice salads, great soups and fresh juice, made when you order it. I like it for lunch, but it gets very crowded. Definitely worth a try!

    Another small place on the side street (Lewis Street) is Penang. Very fresh asian fusion. This one works for lunch or dinner.

    1. you'll have fun in greenwich, pt. chester, rye, mamaroneck, stamford & westport finding your own places. eating out every night in just greenwich will grow old very quickly (ok maybe a month or two but still it's only so varied). assuming you will have a car you will wind up eating in the greater fairfield & westchester areas. where are you moving from and what are your likes & dislikes (food wise!)?

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        1. Expensive: Rebecca's, Hencklemans, Jean Louis
          Mid Price: Elm St Oyster Bar
          Cheap: Burger, Shakes, Fries
          Port Chester: Tarry Lodge
          Scene: L'Escale, Barcelona

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            Like those categories... so adding to them by throwing the net out to include rye and stamford. As cubanat said above, lower FFC and NE Westchester would be part of your food hood.

            expensive: La Panetiere rye
            mid price: napa, market, teluride Stamford
            cheap: BSF all the way
            Port Chester: F.I.S.H. and AdamClydes extensive guide to latino food there. check out his threads.
            scene: baang Old Greenwich

            You asked about the worst. Ebb Tide in PC, hands down. Overpriced , underwhelming, no service, and they also sell bait. Chum or Lobster, for the Lady?

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              i like barcelona, but i am unaware of any scene there-thanks

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                Crimmj, louuuuu and intrepid have all of jfood's favorites. louuuuu has a very wide range of prices in his mid price bucket and he would never call any restaurant "cheap" in this neck of the woods. He would characterize that bucket as "incredible value".

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                For the best scene in Greenwich my vote goes for Lolita Cocina in Byram. Yes it's dark, loud, crowded and a bit pricey - but isn't that what makes a scene?

                1. Here are my recommendations covering a range of prices and cuisines:
                  1) Kira Sushi & Tengda- two reliable places for decent sushi and Asian fusion fare
                  2)Tarry Lodge (Portchester) - sit at their bar as it has a more lively atmosphere
                  3) Pasta Vera - good casual Italian, I esp like their salads and panini/sandwiches
                  4) Meli-Melo - excellent salads and soups and the dessert crepes are delicious!!
                  5) Crumbs Bakeshop (Stamford) - they only sell baked goods, esp a fantastic selection of cupcakes
                  6) L'escale inside the Delamar Hotel -very good french restaurant with nice harbor views

                  Places to avoid:
                  1) Boxcar Cantina - faux tex-mex, go to Avenida instead (but the authentic stuff is in Portchester or Stamford and you need to read adamclyde's threads)
                  2) Chinese restaurants Hunan Gourmet and Panda Pavilion - haven't found a decent Chinese in Greenwich, instead I get takeaway from Mandarin Wok until I can do a trip to Flushing
                  3) Will Morton's - sad BBQ that made me mad because it was so bad

                  Happy eating!

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                    A fun treat -- baked goods, cakes, tea and breakfast - is Versailles. Traditional french, but oh soo soo good (apple tart, eclairs, hot cocoa, pancakes, salads, french onion soups...mmm).

                    also a huge fan of Terra and Mediterraneo. Rebecca's in Glenville is my handsdown favorite -- Rebecca Kirhoffer is the most lovely hostess!!!


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                      Has Tarry Lodge gotten better since it was sold? I used to "hang out" at the bar and their food was good but nothing to write home about. No different from Sam's down the street.

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                        Need to check the NY Board since TL is in Portchester, NY