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Wanted to know the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich, Ct?

I am possibly moving to Greenwich, Ct soon. Wanted to know if someone can help me find the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich? I eat out every night. I am a big foodie and love to eat anything. Looking for a variety with good ambience and tasty food? Look forward to your advice and comments?

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  1. One favoite is a VERY small crepe place at the bottom of Greenwich Ave called Meli-Melo. They also have nice salads, great soups and fresh juice, made when you order it. I like it for lunch, but it gets very crowded. Definitely worth a try!

    Another small place on the side street (Lewis Street) is Penang. Very fresh asian fusion. This one works for lunch or dinner.

    1. you'll have fun in greenwich, pt. chester, rye, mamaroneck, stamford & westport finding your own places. eating out every night in just greenwich will grow old very quickly (ok maybe a month or two but still it's only so varied). assuming you will have a car you will wind up eating in the greater fairfield & westchester areas. where are you moving from and what are your likes & dislikes (food wise!)?

      1. Expensive: Rebecca's, Hencklemans, Jean Louis
        Mid Price: Elm St Oyster Bar
        Cheap: Burger, Shakes, Fries
        Port Chester: Tarry Lodge
        Scene: L'Escale, Barcelona

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          Like those categories... so adding to them by throwing the net out to include rye and stamford. As cubanat said above, lower FFC and NE Westchester would be part of your food hood.

          expensive: La Panetiere rye
          mid price: napa, market, teluride Stamford
          cheap: BSF all the way
          Port Chester: F.I.S.H. and AdamClydes extensive guide to latino food there. check out his threads.
          scene: baang Old Greenwich

          You asked about the worst. Ebb Tide in PC, hands down. Overpriced , underwhelming, no service, and they also sell bait. Chum or Lobster, for the Lady?

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            i like barcelona, but i am unaware of any scene there-thanks

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              Crimmj, louuuuu and intrepid have all of jfood's favorites. louuuuu has a very wide range of prices in his mid price bucket and he would never call any restaurant "cheap" in this neck of the woods. He would characterize that bucket as "incredible value".

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              For the best scene in Greenwich my vote goes for Lolita Cocina in Byram. Yes it's dark, loud, crowded and a bit pricey - but isn't that what makes a scene?

              1. Here are my recommendations covering a range of prices and cuisines:
                1) Kira Sushi & Tengda- two reliable places for decent sushi and Asian fusion fare
                2)Tarry Lodge (Portchester) - sit at their bar as it has a more lively atmosphere
                3) Pasta Vera - good casual Italian, I esp like their salads and panini/sandwiches
                4) Meli-Melo - excellent salads and soups and the dessert crepes are delicious!!
                5) Crumbs Bakeshop (Stamford) - they only sell baked goods, esp a fantastic selection of cupcakes
                6) L'escale inside the Delamar Hotel -very good french restaurant with nice harbor views

                Places to avoid:
                1) Boxcar Cantina - faux tex-mex, go to Avenida instead (but the authentic stuff is in Portchester or Stamford and you need to read adamclyde's threads)
                2) Chinese restaurants Hunan Gourmet and Panda Pavilion - haven't found a decent Chinese in Greenwich, instead I get takeaway from Mandarin Wok until I can do a trip to Flushing
                3) Will Morton's - sad BBQ that made me mad because it was so bad

                Happy eating!

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                  A fun treat -- baked goods, cakes, tea and breakfast - is Versailles. Traditional french, but oh soo soo good (apple tart, eclairs, hot cocoa, pancakes, salads, french onion soups...mmm).

                  also a huge fan of Terra and Mediterraneo. Rebecca's in Glenville is my handsdown favorite -- Rebecca Kirhoffer is the most lovely hostess!!!


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                    Has Tarry Lodge gotten better since it was sold? I used to "hang out" at the bar and their food was good but nothing to write home about. No different from Sam's down the street.

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                      Need to check the NY Board since TL is in Portchester, NY

                  2. I live in Stamford, grew up in Greenwich and definitely have my favorites. Surprised no-one chimed in with the newest Greenwich sensation, Lolita Cocina - which is in Byram right between Tarry Lodge and Burgers Shakes and Fries. It's a scene, theatrical, Latin beat, fun, and moderate prices ($23 for the most amazing garlic-marinated skirt steak I've ever had).

                    I also like Q in Port Chester for their huge barbeque chicken wings.

                    Barcelona on the top of Greenwich Ave. is a huge scene Thur-Sat. nights. A bit more quiet on Sundays, but their tapas are amazing and wines on a moderate wine list (most $25-$45 range) are half price all day.

                    Meli Melo is my FAVORITE lunch spot, with the BEST fresh mint-chip ice-cream on the planet.

                    Jean Louis just received a top French Culinary award and is on the Forbes 10 most romantic restaurant in the US list. A tiny place, pricey, but worth it - on a side street off of Greenwich Ave.

                    And Asiana near Whole Foods is a good Pacific Rim place, though the food there can be iffy sometimes.

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                      Meli Melo does have great ice cream. My favorite is their hazelnut. Great stuff. Key there is going a bit early as it's incredibly packed. But well worth it.

                    2. I don't like Terra and Mediterrano very much, just so so and overpriced. In the genre, but much better is Morello Bistro. Our go-to's are Elm Streeet Oyster and Penang when we eat in Greenwich (where we live). Outside of Greenwich, we love FISH and enjoy Tarry Lodge, but not so much the treatment by the reservationists and hostesses.

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                        I'm going to have to disagree with regard to Will Morton's. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for with barbeque, but it is pretty authentic North Carolina Q. Also, all of his ingredients are organic. The meat is free range, grass fed, etc.

                        I often stop by and pick up food just because it is better quality than so many take out places.

                        As much as I like Q in PC, they do not use free range and organic ingredients.

                        1. re: farnsworth

                          Penang is a gem. I wonder why Alan Lee can't achieve the same standard of service and quality in his numerous other restaurants...

                          1. re: farnsworth

                            My family truly disliked Will Morton's. I understood what they were trying to achieve, and appreciated the effort to not overcook the barbecue chicken - which was touted as their speciality - but it ended up instead almost undercooked and with no soul and very bland. So while I somewhat differ from my family, we will never go there again.

                          2. re: eatermom

                            I keep forgetting about Morello - it is the sister resto to a GREAT place in NYC (A Voce). Also, don't forget Solaia...they have a wonderful reasonable winelist, and excellent bolognese and meatball dishes!!!

                            Asian-wise, I used to go to Asiana (they had this dish with tuna and soba noodles, yum). Also Tengda in Greenwich near the library I feel is the best of the Tengda chain.


                            1. re: allieb2031

                              Sorry, but violently disagree with you on both Morello and A Voce. My two worst restaurants of 2009. My dinner at A Voce columbus was horrific. And Morello is such a rip-off. I remember when it was Gaia and way way better.

                              1. re: Scotty100

                                I dunno. I was at Morello just before Christmas for lunch and had their 2 course prix fixe. All 3 in our party thought it was excellent and a huge amount of food.

                          3. I'll add one more category: OVERRATED
                            Rebeccas-Way too expensive for what they offer. Food is good but no that good.
                            Henklemans-Lousy food, service is even worse. Easily the most overrated in Ct.
                            Jean Louis-I just don't get it. Food is ok not great. Same for the service. I went as their guests and was still underwhelmed!

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                              Disagree about Jean-Louis. Food is GREAT in every way. About as close to France as you can get on this side of the pond.

                              P.S. Just loooove JL's 2CV that he sometimes parks out front. What a car!

                            2. I don't know, it seems to me that the food and service at Penang has gotten much worse over the past half year. I prefer Asiana. Or Tengda, on Field Point Rd.

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                              1. re: kwhitehead

                                i agree with you. John was running Penang and when he left the food and service declined quickly. I prefer the food and service at Tengda, but the loud music is annoying.

                                1. re: debmom

                                  I really think the dining scene in Greenwich stinks. Mediterraneo & Terra are OK at best. Pasta Vera is "Olive Garden on the Ave". Cafe Morello is an overpriced joke.

                                  Jean Louis is a mere shell of it's old self

                                  1. re: tito

                                    I tend to agree with you Tito...in Greenwich, meli melo is the only spot I frequent with any regularity.

                                    1. re: tito

                                      Whoa tito.

                                      "Olive Garden on the Ave" for Pasta Vera? I think that's a bit harsh. Now, given, I haven't been to an Olive Garden since I was a kid; but I'm assuming that the Olive Garden moniker is used with a certain degree of disdain; evoking thoughts of tasteless red sauce, overdone pasta, and 'endless salad and breadsticks.'

                                      I wouldn't say the Pasta Vera is the best Italian food I've had out; but I always enjoy my meals there, they have interesting specials, nice flavors, it's a decent casual-but-not-chintzy atmosphere, and the prices are reasonable especially considering the Greenwich Avenue location.

                                      Yes, you will sometimes run into families there with snotty spoiled Greenwich kids.

                                      Yes, it has a cold-case up front, so the setting isn't going to impress a date that cares about that.

                                      And yes, I've occasionally had a pasta dish come out with a few noodles stuck together.

                                      But I've always enjoyed my meals there, and I've never sent anything back, been really disappointed, or ever thought to compare the place to flavorless chain palaces of generic Ameritalian food.

                                      1. re: cardiak

                                        I wouldn't call Pasta Vera an Olive Garden, but I will say it has no soul. The food is bland and there's no sense of any personal touch in the cooking. Greenwich could really use an old-school Italian spot. The closest were D'Vinci's on the avenue and That Little Italian Place in Byram - both gone and fondly missed.

                                        1. re: FoodMan88

                                          Pasta Vera has lost it's way over the last year or so. It used to be better but I think they made some changes in the kitchen or ownership recently and it's gone on the slide.

                                          1. re: FoodMan88

                                            FoodMan88, if you're missing That Little Italian Restaurant, try Villa Italia in Stamford. It's located in a dingy strip mall in East Stamford and doesn't look promising from the outside, but inside it's quite nice and the food and ambiance are very similar to that of TLIR.

                                            That's not surprising, because Villa Italia is run by Paul Vitiello's (former owner of TLIR) younger brother Neil who worked beside Paul for many years in Byram. Some former employees of TLIR also work here now. Even the giveaway bread is quite similar to the signature bread that Paul used to bake at TLIR.

                                            So whenever you start jonesin' for a TLIR fix, as I often do, give Villa Italia a try. It is very popular over there. Apparently many people have told their friends.

                                            Villa Italia
                                            812 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

                                  2. Lolita looks very promising! Thanks for the heads up. I pray the food and ambience is as exciting as their website. Am going asap...

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                                      Went to Lolita last night and loved it!!! Will probably go again this week. Space is stunning, drinks great, chips fresh, salsa selection tasty and inventive and food - muy delicioso. They impressed me twice - first with the steaming ice palate cleanser enhanced with complimentary tequila and secondly with the gratis cotton candy spinkled with pop rocks. What a wonderful addition to the dining scene! I wouldn't wait two hours like lots of the other reviewerss though. It'd be easier to head into the city at that point.

                                    2. Curious - does anyone like Versailles? I only ogled their pastries and have no clue whether the food is any good.

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                                      1. re: MasterofLightChick

                                        Overpriced and nothing special. You can do much much better at Isabelle and Vincent in Fairfield.

                                        1. re: Scotty100

                                          I like Isabelle and Vincent. Oh, and I should add to my top ten list - Helados Velasquez (sp?) in Black Rock. Fresh food and doughnuts like my Polish grandma used to bake - light, fluffy and covered with sugar - but done by this Spanish guy. Muy delicisio!

                                          1. re: MasterofLightChick

                                            sorry to be the bearer of bad news, nut Heladoz Vasquez closed a couple of months ago. It is already sorely missed.

                                            1. re: Ima Foodie

                                              you are kidding me? that's such crazy news - a fresh place with inventive homemade food that's hip, casual and fun. any idea why it closed? the owner dude was a little goofy and seemed overwhelmed at times.

                                        2. re: MasterofLightChick

                                          Versailles is moving to the old Avenida space. The new ownership that has taken over since the original owner Maurice died last year, has decided that they have a better shot at making it in a bigger location. They will have more seating in the restaurant and the same great pastries. Now if they could get a chef and inject a little soul into the place, they would do well. The other "French" bistro across the street really, really STINKS.

                                          1. re: tito

                                            "Versailles is moving to the old Avenida space." Really??? Is this an April Fool joke or what? If not, then it's a bit of a bombshell. Versailles has occupied that little space next to the former Subway barbershop ever since I moved to Greenwich almost 30 Years ago. I remember Mrs. Versailles running over to the barbershop for a quick trim of her neck hairs. And Maurice Versailles, God rest, with his propensity to get into fistfights, was a regular character in the Greenwich Time police blotter.

                                            Several years ago under new management Versailles began a dinner service which was well reviewed at the time but petered out after a few yew years

                                            Much of the charm of Versailles over its many years has been its cute little spot on the Avenue. To move to a much larger and, presumably, more expensive spot is taking an enormous risk. I truly hope that the above post is an "April Fool" joke, because, if true, I fear that it's the beginning of the end of a much loved Greenwich stalwart. They tried doing dinner before, and it didn't work. What makes them think that they can pull it off in a much larger space, especially in this economy?

                                            And as for "The other "French" bistro across the street," if you mean Figaro Bistro, I've had some very nice meals there: excellent food, gracious, friendly, accommodating service. It's a lovely place to have a Frenchified meal. Despite your comments, Versailles (or anyone else in that genre) will have a very hard time competing with them on the same street. Unless Versailles comes up with some great new concept to fill all of those new seats, they won't be able to pay the rent.

                                            1. re: greenwichchowhound

                                              Now that it is no longer April !st....yes, they are taking the old Avenida. Maybe they won't do dinner (I guess they still do lunch?). Figaro has lost its way over the years. To classify the menu as "French bistro" is a stretch at best. The overall quality of the food has slipped dramatically over the past few years. As much as I love Greenwich (I lived just off the Ave. for many years and I now live in Norwalk) I only eat there if totally necessary. When I want a good meal, and I am not pressed for time, I still drive to Manhattan

                                        3. Interesting that nobody has mentioned Polpo. I put it on the overrated list but it's certainlt a scene and lots of people swear by it; but they probably know the owner and get the good treatment that we mere mortals don't merit. However, they opened a second place called Louie's in Cos Cob where Augie's used to be and the food is verry good.

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                                          1. re: cominhome

                                            My husband put Polpo on our DNR list because of the terrible service that you mentioned. Too bad, because their octopus is sooo good!

                                            1. re: sibeats

                                              I would put Polpo, rebecca's and valbella in the same category of overpriced for what is delivered. the food and service are just not that good.

                                              I would put Osetra (sono), Harvest Supper & Schoolhouse in the MUST TRY category.

                                              Also I would eat the burgers at Sam's rather than BSF. No schtick just good burger.

                                              If you are really daring the try this: get the crispy potato pizza from tarry lodge to go and drive over to Lolitas and buy a container of the spicey/peach salsa concoction that comes in the love potion bottle to go. Sit in car and...SO GOOD. have napkins ready and a horchata maybe from PC to cool down.

                                          2. Two recent experiences in Greenwich have really soured me ion this town's food scene. Last night, with 95 a parking lot, pulled out at Exit 3 and waited the traffic out with dinner at Mediteranneo. What a rip-off. Mediocre overpriced food. My saffron seafood risotto didn't have that nutty bite or creamy texture of a perfectly prepared risotto. Guys, it's rice, not pasta.. The only redeeming factor was they forgot to box my wife's remaining pasta (overcooked spaghetti and veal meatballs), so the kitchen actually made her a new full portion to take home. Tho service was attentive (despite the FU), it was far too much of a Greenwich scene and high price point.

                                            We've always gone to Thomas Henkleman's for special occaisions because the food, setting and service have always been special. And I have extolled them on these boards. Last anniversary however, the experience was totally disappointing. The fish was undercooked and had to be returned, without even an apology from the waiter, who was far more interested in the six top next to us, and their continuing wine order. And recently a friend took his wife there for a special lunch and reported that while the space was lovely on a beautiful spring afternoon, the food was just ok. This place seems to rely on its reputation, aging clientele, and classic menu. Time may be passing you by, Thomas. As will we from now on.

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                                            1. re: louuuuu

                                              Never been to Thomas Henkleman's, but I've always found Mediterranneo to be very mediocre. Except for the price. Terra, adjacent to Tiffany's up the avenue is only slightly better (same price, though).

                                              Nowadays, I think the only place I ever eat on the Avenue is either Meli-Melo or Thataway Cafe. The latter, because you can bring 5 kids along, eat outside and not have a totally sucky burger (even if it isn't fabulous).

                                              Thataway Cafe
                                              409 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                              1. re: louuuuu

                                                Too bad L.

                                                Jfood placed La Crummy-aire and Val-belcha on the DNR list years ago. Henklemann was making its waythere but never quite got there. Why people want to spend serious coin and get treated like crap is beyond jfood. Even when jfood is a guest and the host is spending mid 4-figures for dinner, they treat you badly. He actually got up once and left a dinner at La Crummy-air mid-entree. Life is too short.

                                                1. re: jfood

                                                  Have lived in Greenwich for 14 yrs and still can't say I have a "go to" spot in town. Usually, I hit the surrounding areas (Port Chester, Stamford, etc.). Barcelona and Figaro are probably at the top of a weak list for me.
                                                  I did enjoy my one visit to Crew a few months ago. Good food, reasonably priced. However, my wife and I were litereally the only two people there at 7 o'clock on a Saturday night! Did the couple of extra drinks we may have had that night cloud our judgement? Has anyone been there recently? We are actually planning on going back this weekend and would appreciate any feedback.

                                                  1. re: pierogi and bigos

                                                    Anyone been to the place at the bottom of Greenwich Av with the pretty garden seating outside? (Is it called Thataway?) Looks like a nice spot for "pubby" -type food when you don't want a really serious meal, and weather is good.

                                                    1. re: menton1

                                                      Been to Thataway many times. It's as you state - pretty good pub kind of food. I like their burgers. We go mostly to sit outside in a nice setting where having a brood of kids isn't an issue. My friend swears by their fish and chips, though I have never tried it.

                                                      Thataway Cafe
                                                      409 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                              2. Somehow I get the feeling that most of these responses are from people who are not that familiar with Greenwich, other than Greenwich Avenue...

                                                Special Occasion: Thomas Henkelmann - great and very beautiful, but crazy expensive
                                                French: I haven't been to Jean Louis, but Figaro is authentic and reasonably priced
                                                Italian: They're always packed, but I still like Valbella and Terra. Also, Osteria in Old Greenwich
                                                Pizza: Pizza Post is my fave, but Colony in Stamford is the best in the area
                                                Asian: Tengda for Sushi; Baang for a fun scene/drinks
                                                Chinese: Oriental Gourmet in Old Greenwich
                                                Thai: Little Thai Kitchen
                                                American/Burgers: Ginger Man; also a decent bar scene, lots of great beers on tap
                                                Old standby: Thataways for moderately-priced dinner; Glory Days for standard diner fare
                                                Lunch/Deli/Takeout: Garden Catering or Aux Delices
                                                Coffee shop: Arcadia
                                                Bakery: St Moritz

                                                As for worst, I think Bella Nonna sucks. Rebecca's & L'Escale are overpriced and overhyped. Centro is always packed with kids and the food is just generic Italian. The service at Pomodoro is awful. Fonda is always empty and I think is finally closing. Abis is a wannabe Benihana, and they recently burned a customer at a hibachi table. Don't fall for the talk about brunch at the Hyatt, it's not worth the money.

                                                1309 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

                                                Little Thai Kitchen
                                                21 St Roch Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                The Ginger Man
                                                64 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                Aux Delices
                                                3 W Elm St, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                Glory Days
                                                65 Glendale St, Easthampton, MA 01027

                                                Garden Catering
                                                185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

                                                Pizza Post
                                                522 E Putnam Ave Ste 6, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                319 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820

                                                Thataway Cafe
                                                409 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                Oriental Gourmet
                                                214 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

                                                Baang Cafe & Bar
                                                1191 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

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                                                1. re: jax12479

                                                  Excellent service at Valbella makes it a very good choice for a special occasion. Thomas Henkelmann was very disappointing on a recent visit.

                                                  1309 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

                                                  1. re: eatermom

                                                    I don't know how Henkelmann stays in business!

                                                    1. re: stevel

                                                      I know. It's a total ripoff. Lovely spot, but the food/menu is totally boring.

                                                2. Tarry Lodge, just across NY border in Port Chester is very good

                                                  Meli Melo is fantastic for lunch- food is excellent, price is good but VERY crowded and tables are on top of eachother

                                                  Henkelmann (aka Homestead Inn by non-foodies) is by far the best restaurant in the area. The food is superb, beautiful ambiance. Don't be intimidated by the upscale reputation, it is very reasonably priced for the quality. We are regulars and friends delight in joining us from the city...Thomas and his wife Theresa are warm and welcoming and Pierre, the Somelier (formerly of Ducasse, etc.) KNOWS his wines and will offer outstanding deals- just give him your pricepoint and you're good to go.

                                                  Thataway- fun to sit outside in the summer with cocktails, food is mediocre and overpriced

                                                  Gingerman- decent burger

                                                  Barcelona has some nice tapas- the basics are best, cheese assortment, olives, etc. but can get pricey as the tapas (obviously) are small portions...

                                                  Baang has a few very good dishes (crackling calamari salad, firecracker springrolls) but the ambiance hasn't changed since the 80's- think Miami Vice and there is a bizarre din, difficult to hear no matter where you sit

                                                  Terra- you need to know what to order or bill will escalate. You can have a fab bottle of wine and brick oven pizza on the cheap. Also a din in here but fun to people watch on the Ave outside during the warmer mos
                                                  Polpo- great food and winelist but absolutely overpriced

                                                  Rebecca's- honestly don't get the hype. Food and ambiance are both bland

                                                  Lolita in Byram tries too hard to be NYC/LA hipster and the food is godawful and overpriced. interesting drinklist but also overpriced

                                                  Drawing Room in Cos Cob is great for tea and teasandwiches and attached to a fun eclectic, little shop- run by a cool couple too

                                                  Little Thai Kitchen- have always heard great things but sadly unimpressed by the dishes we've tried there

                                                  Penang used to be fabulous but have lost their touch. Think the Head Chef might have changed because the dishes still list the same ingredients but lack the spark they used to have

                                                  Asiana is so/so. Totally depends on the dish- Shrimp Pad Thai is very good.

                                                  Pizza- our fav around here is Colony (hot oil rocks) in Stamford, Glenville Pizza, Pzza Factory on Gwich Ave. and Sunrise in Rye-- Completely diff pies so depends on mood

                                                  EOS in Stamford is fantastic Greek

                                                  Napa & Co has a terrific braised rib and gnocchi dish- environment has a transient feel- attached to a hotel so makes sense but can feel cold- esp during winter mos

                                                  Good luck!

                                                  Little Thai Kitchen
                                                  21 St Roch Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  554 Old Post Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  Asiana Cafe
                                                  130 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  Homestead Inn
                                                  420 Field Point Rd Ste 1, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  Meli Melo Restaurant
                                                  362 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  Thataway Cafe
                                                  409 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                                                  Drawing Room
                                                  5 Suburban Ave, Cos Cob, CT 06807

                                                  Baang Cafe & Bar
                                                  1191 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878