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Aug 31, 2009 08:05 PM

Maritime Lobster vs. Maine Lobster ??

I'm hoping someone can resolve some questions that arose over the weekend. Are they the same species? Does the flavour profile differ? If there is a difference, does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants that serve Maine Lobster in Toronto?


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  1. Same species. Differing harvest times in various areas from Maine to Newfoundland.
    The most northerly are considered to be better, but not as prolific as N.S., N.B., and Maine.

    Canadian lobsters are often held in a pound and released as required. I imagine the U.S. is similar, but the result is some lobsters are fresh, some are held for several months.

    1. you know i kinda wondered the same thing. that episode of kitchen nightmares at the black pearl restaurant where the owner was selling canadian lobster as maine lobster and ramsay exploded on the guy saying that they are not the same thing at all, to me if they are coming from the same area i would figure them to be the same animal. so would that mean an apple of an apple tree growing on the border between the U.S. and Canada will taste different depending on which side of the border it was picked on?

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        As I understand it, the colder the water, the sweeter the meat. So lobsters caught on the Maine/Nova Scotia boarder will not taste differently. However, one caught at the Me/New Hampshire state line will taste differently from one caught up by New Foundland.

        They are the same species though.


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          Ramsay's has a serious anger problem that requires professional help. I don't care how talented he may be, butu I have no use for him or his tirades.

          They are indeed both the American lobster, Homarus americanus.

          Lobsters are harvested all year in Maine, but in Canada, the lobster seasons rotate around the coasts, so the time of year and the length of time held in pens and tanks determines the place origin of Canadian Lobster.

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            When you watch Ramsay on shows shot in the UK he is opinionated but not over the top like he is on the US produced shows.... me thinks there is a lot of staged drama to promote viewership in the US... and in what way do the people on Hell's Kitchen count as chefs? It is all for drama - bleh.

            As for the Lobster question - I think the only way you could really tell the difference is if you ate one just caught from Maine and then drove up to New Foundland and had one fresh caught from there. The bigger difference in flavour is in the shipping in my opinion... the best lobsters I have ever had were all just freshly caught and steamed on the spot - now that's good eating!

        2. Sometimes there is a shortage of lobsters in Maine and Maritime lobsters are sold there. Apparently no one notices or complains.

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            It is my understanding from my trip to Cape Breton that many NS lobsters are sold in the American market as "Maine lobsters". These tend to be the smaller ones.

          2. Just to muddy the waters further.
            I think "Maine" refers to thelobsters that comply with the legislation in Maine (I think Maine and NJ are the only 'documented' definitions of what is 'legal to catch'and the Main regulations are fairly well respected.
            Oversimplifying, Maritime or Canadian lobsters are the identical species (for sure) as Maine, but Canadian lobsters can be smaller (legally). Legal size (of the shell or carapace) is 75mm (a hair under 3 inches), while Maine must be 3 1/4 inches. (And in the EEC they must be 3 ½ inches (although that IS a different species).
            So size DOES matter, for lobsters!

            1. The original comment has been removed