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Aug 31, 2009 07:02 PM

North Naples Italian-Mercato

On my latest visit to Naples (8-24-26/09), one of my dealers took me to lunch at Piola on Monday (9118 Strada Place at the east end of Mercato) in North Naples. What a great find. I had a Reggio Emilia pizza with sausage, tomato sauce and mozzarella ($12.95) . It was very thin crust with the freshest taste of any pizza I have had in recent memory. Cooked perfectly done, with edges just showing some dark brown spots. My host had Buenos Aires (white pizza) with onion and mozzarella ($8.95). I have not cared for white pizza in previous tries, but this was delicious.
I returned to Mercato on Wednesday evening intending to try The Pub, but after 1 beer a the bar and looking over the menu (there was a screaming baby killing the sound level) and finding nothing appealing there, decided to return to Piola for my second visit in two days.
I had Penne Cividale ($12.95) with a glass of the house chianti. The pasta was cooked just right with fresh tomatoes, cream, Parma ham, parmesan cheese and rosemary. What a great dish. The chianti was very good for house.
For dessert, I asked my server for her favorites. One of her's was Profiteroles. Now it is one of mine. Two cream puffs split with vanilla ice cream between and chocolate sauce were the perfect ending to a very good meal.
Thanks to Ashley for her excellent suggestion and service.
A very casual, contemporary setting with about 25 tables and perhaps 12 places at the bar. Wine and beer only
Yes, it's a chain. But a refreshing change to other pizza/pasta places.

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  1. yes its a chain--but an Italian chain from ITALY. the pizza there was good and the atmosphere is no frills (style on the cheap) but a step up from the american diner. The Pub is for students or twenty-somethings looking to hook up. AZN cuisine doesn't look like is going to last too long now that Blu Martini has opened. other food places to open in the Mercado. the movie theatre is supposed to be small theatres, with european style cafe/bar. should be interesting.