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Aug 31, 2009 06:58 PM

Bread storage?

I'm rediscovering 'real' bread and some of the loaves I've made (that Mr. Shallots hasn't eating all of) are big. They don't fit into the salvaged bread bags from bought bread.
Do you have a source or alternative to plastic or (shudder) ziplock bags?

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  1. I sometimes store mine in my slow cooker with a tight fitting lid.

    1. if you have the counter space, maybe you should consider a breadbox...?

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I do have counter space that isn't at the baking station or near the cooktop. What makes a good breadbox?
        My Mother (50s) had one as a built in...a metal thing with a sliding top. Devil to clean crumbs from. I think there were a few air holes in the sliding top.

        Mr Shallots made me a solid wooden box with some left over parduk (kind of wood from Thailand) but it's really heavy ...probably not air tight... bread molded fast in it in New Orleans, so I stopped using it. It's drier up here.

        What does make a good bread box?

        1. re: Fritter

          Even better, brown paper bag in a breadbox.

        2. If it's been cut, cut side down on a cutting board. If not, paper bag, as Fritter suggested. But, I don't think bread is that good kept more than a day. But, that's only for crusty bread. For sandwich type bread, I use tupperware/rubbermaid containers.

          1. Do you have a microwave? Store your bread in there (obviously take the bread out when you use the microwave).

            Also, for a quick and simple "bread box" use an empty (preferrably new-ish) shoebox. Line the bottom with some wax paper and you're good to go.