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What foods give you heartburn?

just thinking about this after a late night piece of banana cake this evening. I have noticed that sugar does this to me after about 6pm. White wine always gives me heartburn.

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  1. white castle burgers
    raw onions
    whatever the heck was in the chinese food my niece brought over the other night

    1. I have the same problem with wine. If I have several glasses, I have heartburn the next day. It doesn't seem to matter whether it is red or white. Very frustrating as I do love me some wine!

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        Guess Im getting old ... more and more things do this to me lately. Fried food especially. If I have fried seafood for lunch, I "enjoy it" all afternoon.

        I also find that I can no longer enjoy bloody marys .... perhaps its all the sodium or acid in the tomato juice (although I am known to make mine pretty spicy).

        1. re: Cheflambo

          jelly doughnuts, raw onions and broccoli. I agree with Chef Lambo, the older I get the more things gve me heartburn.

          1. re: Cheflambo

            Fried food doesn't sit too well with me either. I recently had Gordon Biersch garlic fries at the Giants game that I swear stayed with me for 2 days. Another guilty pleasure that I have had to take out of the rotation. If I start having problems with Bloody Marys, I will be pissed!

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            Bananas as well. Reliably.

            Over-charred burgers. They stick around very unpleasantly.

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              We must be of the same constitution - I forgot about over-charred stuff.

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                Cool. Let's get together for banana-crusted charburgers sometime. I bet that particular combination would negate their typical effects, though. I can eat blisteringly spicy Thai, absurdly rich Indian pickle, straight paprika oil, cans of green Herdez, you name it...no problem. But then a little old banana on the kitchen counter does me in.

              2. re: SaltyRaisins

                I'm glad to hear more people say bananas. They are tearing me up now that I have an ulcer thing going on. I thought that would be a nice bland, safe food. Wrong o.
                Pizza also can get me depending on time of day.

                1. re: Firegoat

                  I just did a quick search on "bananas heartburn" and it turns out that this is not uncommon. Bananas are high in potassium in the form of potassium nitrate. If one's diet is already high in potassium relative to sodium, additional potassium seems to manifest itself for some reason in the way of heartburn for some.

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Thank you, that is good to know. I was totally surprised.

                    1. re: Firegoat

                      If you get a chance, you might do a similar search - I only touched on the search when you mentioned your similar experience but with the ulcer situation that compounds your issue.

                      I'm not sure what form of potassium is found in bananas. If it's potassium nitrate, this is considered an oxidizer. This could partially explain the upset stomach issue. It also has a PH of 7 - this is relatively high, and since bananas contain a significant quantity, the oxidizing potential combined with the higher PH could be what's causing the stomach to revolt.

                      I recall a professor in a Nutrition course in college mentioning that acid indigestion can be caused by numerous things, but taking temporary remedies like antacids could actually increase the severity of acid issues in the digestive tract. One's stomach is always trying to reach a certain level of acidity. When the this balance is abruptly pushed toward alkaline, the natural reaction of the stomach is to pump more acid to bring things back in line. My guess would be that there is a malfunction or disconnect between the stomach lining's PH receptors and the glands that produce acid.

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                        Actually, the regular use of acid neutralizers and acid-pump inhibitors has very little impact in stomach acid production. In fact, it has been shown that using them can actually repair damage caused by regular inflammation caused by acid reflux or simple indigestion. Bring on the zantac and eat what you like!

                        1. re: SaltyRaisins

                          I'm staying away from zantac and the like as long as I don't need it. I have a friend who's been on those since the prescription days and now can't go without them. But he's pretty type-A as well.

            2. The green beans at KFC. The first time I had hearburn was after eating at KFC, and trying the green beans (as horrible as the rest) for the first time. I really thought I was dying and needed to go to the hospital. SO at the time told me it was heart burn, but I didn't believe him. Chewed some Tums anyways. Right before I drove myself to the ER (he wouldn't take me) the Tums kicked in and I calmed down enough to figure I might make it through the night. Haven't eaten KFC since (although I suspect it was drinking without eating, not the green beans that did it to me now). Don't know how we made it 2 more years!

              1. For me it's not the style or spiceness of the food but, rather if I eat too late in the evening.

                1. I have an iron gullet. Oddly enough, the only thing that gives me heartburn is apple juice from concentrate. Fresh is fine, but when it's made from concentrate, the heartburn sets in a few minutes after drinking.

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                    Lemonade and some white wine - both can be highly acidic.

                  2. Margaritas- not sure if it's the tequila or the lime; I used to blame it on Mex food ;)
                    Bloody Marys
                    Very few foods, mostly beverages do it for me. adam

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                      That's me....for me it's fruity wines (like Savignon Blanc) and Lemonade.

                      1. Green peppers and orange juice.

                        1. cucumbers, tomatoes eaten by themselves, grapefruit. I am assuming acid level has something to do with it, but that fails to explain the cucumber. btw, the cucumber is usually the worst heartburn!?

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                            I avoid cukes cuz they make me belch like a locomotive!! They don't cause heartburn for me; they just "repeat" endlessly!! adam

                          2. Port.

                            So a pint before, a sambuca, a few glasses of wine, the champagne toast, brandy interspersed with a 6 course meal.

                            I'm fine till then, but it's that port at the end that kills me.

                            1. Everything!!!! (I carry Zantac in my purse and take it often.)

                              1. I too have the ironclad gut - with the exception of a bottled barbeque sauce that is loved in Southeastern North Carolina - called Carolina Treet. If you travel through these parts and anticipate some barbeque tastin', bring your antacids just in case. Even better, come armed with your own sauce!

                                1. I rarely get affected by heartburn.

                                  Sometimes fried foods or eggplant.

                                  1. Not prone to it myself, but DH gets it from Orange juice. :(

                                    1. Raw onions are the only thing that gives me heartburn.

                                      1. Tomato based sauces, am beginning to wonder if it's the onions and garlic that is usually in it. Too much red wine in the evenings will require me to sit up and sleep. Blech...

                                        1. Devilled eggs with extra Cayenne pepper. Stress and coffee. Old sprouted garlic.

                                          1. Grapefruit juice does it to me big time, but nothing else, so far if life.

                                            1. Quite a lot, actually. Spices, for starters. And also acidic foods like tomato-based sauces and raw onions, foods high in fat and grease, beverages like coffee and sodas, even chocolate.

                                              1. Nothing if I eat it early enuff and don't fall asleep.

                                                Everything it I eat too late and too much and fall asleep.

                                                I'm a card carrying Chile-Head and make a great Hungarian gulyas with 1 lb of white onions + a cup o'chopped and nothing fazes me unless I fall asleep too soon after eating. Cottage cheese and applesauce can kill me if I doze off too soon after eating.

                                                1. Heartburn runs in my family, my brother gets it particularly bad and has to take a pill everyday, or he will 100% absolutely get heartburn. Doesn't matter what the food is. I've been lucky so far, only get it every once in awhile, but when I do, it's bad. The one food that seems to give it to me consistently is Thai food, and I've figured out that it's not necessarily due to the spiciness, but rather due to the fact that I invariable tend to overeat when I'm having Thai food. So I think it has more to do with exhausting my poor esophagus muscle than anything else.

                                                  1. Bananas, canned tuna and popcorn all give me heartburn. My father gets heartburn from watermelon.

                                                    1. For some reason, unknown to me, wheat thins give me terrible heartburn. Which really bites because I love them so much. But I find that I just can't eat them anymore...sad

                                                        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

                                                          bananas create lots of problems, lately. I used to eat one each morning before taking daily meds, but have switched to cottage cheese and all is well. Even eating bananas later in the day is still not good for me.

                                                        2. Sushi. And I am trying to figure out if it's a particular component....I'm leaning toward the combo of rice/nori. I burp fish all afternoon.

                                                          Wine, sometimes.

                                                          Overeating too close to bedtime.

                                                          1. Thanks so much for this posting. I have Barrett's esophagus, cannot tolerate most onions/chives/garlic/leeks; vidalia onions OK--if not late in the day. Also bad croissants, some fats. But it's been fascinating to see what bothers others--I would never have imagined bananas would be a problem.

                                                            1. Bagels, every damn time.

                                                              1. Does anyone know if popcorn gives you heartburn
                                                                I never suffer from heartburn before now that I was diagnosed I can't figure out what bothers me . Plus does anyone have their sinuses bother them more When they get Heartburn

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                                                                1. re: Artchickny

                                                                  I used to have chronic heartburn.
                                                                  Zantac and Tums and Rolaids.........you name it I used to be addicted to them.
                                                                  Occasionally I would have a 'gagging' fit after eating something. Never threw up just gagged for a minute or so. Very disconcerting.
                                                                  Then I remembered that my mother, now passed away, used to eat Tums and soda crackers all day when she got older, into her fifties.
                                                                  Some one said that often medical problems of the parents are manifest in their children.
                                                                  What she was doing was eating sodium bicarbonate/calcium carbonate.
                                                                  So a few years ago I started to put just a t of baking soda in my one litre water bottle. I like to stay hydrated so I'll drink at least a couple of litres a day.
                                                                  After a week or so adding the baking soda my chronic heart burn/gagging fits went away. Like gone.
                                                                  I'm not saying this is a good idea for anyone else though.

                                                                2. Tomato sauce..actually many foods with tomato
                                                                  Sometimes coffee
                                                                  Cheerios--the biggest culprit with me
                                                                  Wine..any kind


                                                                  When I was pregnant I had heartburn for 9 months..The heartburn was so bad that I knew I was pregnant with my third child due to heartburn--that was the first sign before anything else.

                                                                  1. Wheat. Horrible, painful, long lasting heartburn. I've had to stop eating it and within a very short time (a week or so,) I felt like a million bucks again.