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Aug 31, 2009 06:45 PM

Taste - 1st Street, Calgary

I've seen posts about the new 1st Street rejuvenation, but I don't think anyone has mentioned Taste yet. I think Calgary needs more little funky places like this. First, gorgeous room. I loved the wood, steel, concrete thing they have going on. Menu - small plates for sharing, tasting boards and snacks for the table (pretzel bits, olives.) I loved my tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad and the beef tartare was nice and spicy. My friends and I really dove into the wines by the glass and loved every one. The list is small but super funky. When I went last week they were doing Spanish whites and Southern French reds. The server mentioned that they switch out the regions every month. A fun night out! Anyone else been in?

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  1. I was there the week after they opened. Everything was great, wine, service and food, especially the lamb riblets. My only complaint was the heat of the sun beating in the large west facing windows. I won't go back unless I know they have window coverings in place.

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      Winter is going to be here before you know it and you will crave that sunshine through the window...

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        I know! I am soaking it up while it lasts. Also, when I was at Taste last, they did have window shades to block the sun.

    2. The lamb riblets were terrible, 80%fat and pretty tasteless (and I LOVE lamb). Everything else was pretty good but really expensive, eg the $20 cheese plate was great but you could get it for $15 at Vin room or Farm, the olives were great but $5 (they're free at Olives, Alloy and Vin room everytime I've been). Gorgeous decor and comfortable seats but I didn't care for the single bathroom (OK I just don't like to wait, some people take a really long time maybe powdering their noses). Great service, knowledgeable staff - overall, pretty good, worth trying.

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