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Aug 31, 2009 06:31 PM

Super Specials at Giovanni's Produce & Grocery in El Cerrito

Driving down Potrero I saw the sign near the corner of Liberty - roma tomatoes for 10 cents/pound. Time to take a look - Giovanni's always has some good loss leaders out in front of the store ....... usually at a super cheap price - sometimes you need to look through them closely but if you can use it soon - such a deal. The roma tomatoes were mostly in good shape but there were several that were over - ripe. I plan to oven roast mine to preserve them. !0 Cents a pound. They also had nice rasberries for 89 cents a container - very good shape. Those were the best deals for today. New things pretty much daily I believe.

Giovanni's Produce & Grocery.
1600 Liberty
El Cerrito,CA 94530

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    1. When driving up San Pablo I often take a two block detour to check out the super specials in front of Giovanni's.

      Today the 10 cents lb Roma tomatoes were back. They also had summer squash for that same price. The yellow squash was in good condition. The green, not so much. There are also nice little heads of butterleaf lettuce for 33 cents in the store.

      A few weeks ago they had onions for 8 cents lb.

      It doesn't hurt to look around the store when stopping by for the bargains. They carry bread such as Acme and there are a few nice deli items.

      Giovanni's Produce & Grocery
      1600 Liberty St, El Cerrito, CA 94530

      1. Alert ... very good regular sized tomatoes for 10 cents lb.

        The sign said ripe tomatoes and I was reluctant to stop, but these are at their peak ... firm and not mushy with as much tomato flavor as can be expected in a winter tomato. Similar tomatoes were $2.59 lb at Berkeley Bowl.

        Can't guarantee how much longer they will stay prime. Giovanni's seems to get big quanties of veggies that start to go downhill after a few days. However, right now the tomatoes are in prime condition.

        Skip the 10 cent small avocado's. Even the firm one I bought was brown.

        Also 10 cents lb were brocolli florets. These are a bit past prime, but might work in something like an immediate stirr fry or cream of brocolli soup.

        If in the area, not bad to drive by. Two weeks ago they had mangos for 10 cents each. Both mangos I bought needed to ripen, but when they did, they were perfect.

        1. I forgot to mention it but on Sunday Giovanni's had the cherry-sized Romanito tomatoes for 10 cents lb. They were in good condition and as good as anything you'd find in a market like Safeway this time of year.

          They have had some really great bargains the last few weeks. If you live in the area, it is worth checking out.

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            Today's special - honeydew melons - 4 of them for $1.00 - yes, four for one dollar.
            medium size - might have to pick through them but not bad.

            1. re: gordon wing

              A good day at Giovanni's - Blueberries ( 11 oz clamshells ) 3 for $1.00 ! The berries are US grown and from an LA distributor - in good shape - found 1 or 2 soft ones in each container. Cherries were 59 cents a pound......smallish size but in very good condition - sweet and firm in texture. Cabbage was also 59 cents a pound - from Brentwood. Blueberry pie !

          2. Organic nectarines 3lbs/$1 today

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              today's deal - heirloom tomatoes for 49 cents a pound - have to choose carefully but more good ones than not.