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Aug 31, 2009 06:27 PM

Lunch in San Jose

I'll be visiting the Winchester House and will be looking for somewhere for lunch. Some place with a little atmosphere (and we'll have a 10 year old girl with us). Maybe Italian, upscale burgers, something like that. Thanks!

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  1. A block up & on the opposite side is Santana Row, an upscale retail/entertainment/residence complex. Our favorite dining place here is Pizza Antica; wood fired pizza served in contemporary setting. Along with pizza, dd loves the cherry limeade & the warm cornmeal strawberry shortcake. If you want to stroll around & eat dessert elsewhere, there's Kara's cupcakes (our fave) or try Cocola Bakery right opposite Pizza Antica. For upscale burgers, there's the Counter (was good last time I had it at Palo Alto location but it's been a while).

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      I second Pizza Antica, and Santana Row has lots of other choices too.


      Pizza Antica
      334 Santana Row # 1065, San Jose, CA

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        The crust (flatbread-style) at Antica is not to my taste but I adore their gnocchi.

        If you want burgers, The Counter can't be beat. You pick your meat and how you want it cooked, plus 4 toppings, a cheese, and a sauce. Next door is Pluto's, a great casual option for salads. They make tri tip and sandwiches, but their salads are the best around in my opinion.