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Aug 31, 2009 06:10 PM

Wolfeboro Inn update

Hey Hounds, I feel compelled to weigh in on the oft-maligned Wolfeboro Inn. This old chestnut has seen many incarnations over the past 40 years and very recently underwent a major renovation, obtained a new chef and overhauled the menu. We just had dinner there tonight and come away w/ a tad mixed reviews. My husband had the turkey pie which came w/ veggies and puff pastry. He said it was good (grade B), but a word to the wise, he's been eating whatever slop I've put in front of him for the last 32 years, since our wedding reception at the W-boro Inn in '77 BTW. Anyhoo, I had the salmon which was cooked well, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon (ever notice the correlation betw the price of the meal and the number of adjectives describing the dish?) and doused, yes, doused in a whiskey boubon sauce, that even this former sorority girl found a bit boozy. It came w/ cheddar smashed potatoes and asparagus. The meal was lukewarm and the asparagus was cold. However, my husband's dish was piping hot. The waitress was on something I'd like to get a hold of b/c when we entered she asked, "A table for 3?" After searching the room for Harvey the Rabbit and coming up empty she recanted and acknowledged there were only two of us (there were no other people around us. eerie.) She had the dropsies and forgot to replace things, talked in front of us to another server about how "weeded" she was and parceled out her extra tables. Darn, we lost that lottery and kept her. She only checked back the perfunctory one time, and even at that it was over her shoulder while still motoring by us, didn't notice to refill the waters, cleared my husband's plate before I was finished eating (#2 pet peeve) and asked about dessert while I was still eating (b/c my husb was done eating, which is my #1 pet peeve). I share these specifics b/c a nice Inn should have all these little kinks(that add up) worked out. So, overall, the food was tasty (grade B), the service was fair (hey, she didn't put her hands on the blade of the knife when replacing the one she dropped) (grade C-) the ambiance is good. Very comfy booth (grade A-). The prices were reasonable ($14 and $19) and there's great variety on the menu. We didn't do dessert b/c we had a lovely homemade raspberry pie waiting for us at home, so I can't comment on that, but I think I'd give them another try. The overall experience was sort of like watching the Olympic skater on a bad day.

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