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Aug 31, 2009 05:53 PM

Guelaguetza Question

Was just looking at their website which lists both locations in k-town and one in lynwood, but no mention of the west LA branch. did it close or is it under different ownership?

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  1. assuming this is the page you're looking at?

    it is odd. no mention of the Palms location.

    1. A Friend of mine who frequented it, said it Closed. But I haven't been by to check it out

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      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        What?? I wanted to go by there today. :(

      2. The brother owns the ones on eastside
        and his sister, Soledad, the one on Palms
        which is closed due to an "accident"!
        They keep their biz separate.

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        1. re: NumeroUnoEat

          Who owns the new place? Cemitas ye Cliyudas? I am sure I spelt that wrong.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            Cemitas y Clauydas Pal Cabron is owned by Bricia Lopez , daughter of Fernando and Maria Lopez, owners of the Olympic Bl.,Lynwood, and 8th St. Guelaguetza.

            Soledad, Fernando's sister, owns the Palms location. It is run separately.

            Burger Boy, Bricia's super cemitas are right up your alley. Make a beeline.

            1. re: streetgourmetla

              As my mom used to say, "You should have been born to a hispanic family". I never met good mexican or spanish food I did not like!

          2. re: NumeroUnoEat

            What's with all these "accidents" striking Oaxacan places in WLA? First Monte Alban, and now Guelaguetza?

            1. re: a_and_w

              If there is an "accident" at Baby Blues, we know you are jinxed! LOL kidding

          3. What happened to the location west of the 405? It used to be another Oaxacan place that Guelaguetza took over? I think it was on Washington, or Jefferson?

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            1. re: Professor Salt

              It was on Washington, just east of Centinella. I think it is still there but not sure if Guelagueta still owns it. There place in Huntington Park, Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron, looks awesome!

              1. re: Burger Boy

                I believe that the Washington location is now a Campos.

                1. re: IanMathis

                  El Sazon Oaxaqueno on Washington Pl. just east of Centinela is still open in Mar Vista as far as I know as well as Juquilia (on the north side of Santa Monica Blvd. at Federal Ave.) is still there and still quite good.

                  El Sazon Oaxaqueno
                  12131 Washington Pl
                  Los Angeles, CA 90066
                  (310) 391-4721

                  11619 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

                  1. re: Servorg

                    This was Washington Blvd. literally 100 feet east of Centinella.

                    1. re: Burger Boy

                      Not trying to conflate the two, just suggesting some nearby alternatives.

            2. The accident was physical; someone drove a car through the side of the building. I cannot comment on any business implications, including when repairs might take place, but the boarded up hole adjoining the parking lot is obvious!