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Aug 31, 2009 05:30 PM

Where to find "smart chicken"?

I just had "smart chicken" brand chicken, purchased in NH - it was delicious - does anyone know where I can find it locally? The website says that there's nothing within 25 miles of Boston... Thanks!

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  1. Not sure about "Smart Chicken" brand but I may have seen it at the Golden Goose Mkt on Commercial St.

    My favorite chicken locally is Misty Knolls from VT. Savenor's Mkt sells it for $4/lb and I saw it for sale at a farm in VT that raises and sells it's own veggies, pork and beef and MK chix for $3.60/lb. Not a big markup to buy from Savenors's.

    Giannone chickens from Quebec are also very good.

    1. The Big Y supermarket chain carries it but Walpole appears to be the closest one to Boston. There are lots of them from Worcester west.

      1. If you're just looking for air-chilled chicken, Bell & Evans (available nearly everywhere, certainly at most Shaw's) has an air-chilled variety. As greygarious mentioned, if you want this particular brand, Big Y sells it. No sense in driving all the way out just for that, though. Hit the local Star Market "natural meats" counter and get the Bell & Evans air-chilled chicken.

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          The Giannone is also air chilled. I find it far superior to the B & E. Available at Savenor's Mkts