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Aug 31, 2009 05:14 PM

Ballou's Wine Bar, Guilford, CT

This is a great place to try some fine wines. The 1st time we went we had an appetizer of the olives (very good) and a spinach and cheese fondue (good also). I'd get the olives again and would want to try the other fondue on the menu. I had a salad (apple, walnut, with a maple vinegrette) - I loved this. I'd get it again. They have an assortment of paninis that I haven't tried yet, but want to. We had a bottle of red wine #306 Antinori Tormaresca Neprica 2008 that was very good. Then we had a dessert wine flight - 4 shots of your choice of wine in chocolate cups - so good!

So we went back Fri nite and sat at the bar. We had a wine tasting flight of 3 red wines. I was going to list the numbers and names, but didn't since it's really a matter of taste. We had appetizers - a plate of 3 cheeses and 3 meats (good) and the hummus plate (average). For a glass of one of the wines we liked, we had #315 Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon. When we got there it was 1/2 full, when we left it was packed with a line waiting. There was a jazz combo - great ambiance. Then we had the dessert wine flight. I had the Moscato d' Asti, Banfi Rosa Regate (didn't like), Desiree Chocolate (great) and Essencia Muscat (good). Also the #500 Presidential Port was very good. Then we had an espresso. We had such a good time. Have to try this place again. They have a dessert - a crepe cake that i wanted to try but was too full - next time. They only have it on weekends i think.

Also, they have a Vinturi oxigenator to oxidate the wine before serving it - this was so impressive. I have to get one! They have them for sale there.

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  1. Wow I'm glad you liked it. We went yesterday and while the wine was very good the food was not.

    -Spinach and spicy cheddar fondue was cold and tasted like salsa & liquid cheddar (I asked them to nuke it because it was completely cold). Not worth the price.
    -Spiced almonds over toasted and dry
    -The Meat plate had only 3 slices of salami , 3 slices of prosciutto & 3 slices of capicola the rest of the meat plate was a bit of cheese(?) puzzling & disappointing, when I order a meat plate I expect a few interesting varieties not just run of the mill supermarket deli stuff. Perhaps I should adjust my expectations for the future.

    I'll stick to liquids if I return, the wine was good and the pours were generous. I really did want to like it but alas it was a bummer food-wise.


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      I think I enjoyed the wine choices and ambiance most when i was there. I wouldn't get the fondue or meat plate appetizer again - you're right, they were skimpy. I would get the salad again. Also, I'd like to try the panini's. But there are other places I want to try before I go back there again.

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        Agree with you - I really enjoyed cafe grounded for dinner a couple of weeks ago much much more. The $18 prix fixe was very good value and it was super tasty.

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