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Aug 31, 2009 05:08 PM


Other than Anatolia...where else can we go? We have a star Turk playing for the Raptors, Turkish Airlines flies direct Toronto to Istanbul...and what do we have for food? Nada...I think. Prove me wrong. PLEASE!!!

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  1. what is turkish food? kebabs? gus? tikka? riza? dolmades? hommous? tahina? Start with Assyrian food, move to Greek and Iranian, you got your "turkish food."

      1. there's babos donerpoint. it's a very casual mostly takeout, but decidedly not "fast food" place. they have pide, lahmacun, doner, and burek. they make all their flatbread/wrappings fresh to order. so it does take a while for them to prepare your food, but worth the wait.

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          1. There's Turkuaz Grill at Keele and Sheppard. I've had lucnch there many times. Grumpy service, good food.

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              There used to be a place called Balkan Bistro in Toronto, owned by a Turkish couple. They packed up and moved to Windsor a few years ago to open their restaurant in a lovely heritage house. The only problem is that the house was not in a well trafficked area for locals or tourists. Combine that with a terrible economy and unadventurous eaters and the place failed. I suspect the couple will make their way back to Toronto and open a new restaurant one of these days. If that isn't their intention, I implore them to reconsider, since there are many Torontonians that would welcome their imam bayildi, cacik, dolma, doner, iskender kebab, manti, antep ezme, etc. The food was very tasty, but I would recommend that they have an all-Turkish menu at any new restaurant they intend to open, rather than a half-Turkish, half-pan Mediterranean menu. IMHO, people are either interested in experimenting with Turkish cuisine or they aren't. I think Torontonians definitely want Turkish food as an option when dining out, and not just pide at Pizza Pide on Gerrard.