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Aug 31, 2009 04:48 PM

[Melbourne] CBD lunch recs

I haven't worked in the CBD for years, so I am very out of touch. I'm catching up with a friend but only have just over an hour (probably 1 1/4) so don't have time to wander around for miles.

Any suggestions within easy reach of Flinders Street/Swanston Street corner - any price point as long as its good value so I don't want a medicore cafe with 30 dollar mains.

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  1. I like Yu-u down at Flinders Lane, very tasty, authentic Japanese food, last time I went there it was an $18 set? The ambience of the place is also excellent. Another option is Oyster Little Bourke has a 2 set course meal for $30 with a free glass of wine, excellent value.

    1. I went to Coda for lunch a few weeks ago and enjoyed the food.

      We had tried to get into Cumulus ( also in Flinders Lane) but there were no tables available for about 30 minutes (no reservations) so we continued to Coda where we sat at the bar.
      The food is meant to be shared.

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        Coda seems to be getting a good rap - was it good, or better than that?

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          It was very good. We had the Coda roll which has bone marrow, ginger and shitake mushrooms and was the standout. we also had the roasted yellow duck curry which was tasty but have had better. For desert the tasting plate was interesting - lemon tart, chocolate custard pot and hazelnut brittle with pumpkin foam ( which I didn't like much).
          I would give it 7/10 but would go back and try it again.