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Aug 31, 2009 04:36 PM

Places for Sunday dinner in Middletown, Manalapan, Sayreville and Millstone

Just got our kids soccer schedule and we are all over the state the next month. Looking for good, local, casual, not too pricey places to eat with our kids after late afternoon games in the following places: Middletown, Manalapan, Sayreville and Millstone. It can be a pub, pizza place like Contes in Princeton or a great Chinese, Thai, Mexican,or something funky with a different menu. (Just no Italian that is not amazing pizza) Kids are 8 and 10 but will eat anything. We usually end up at a horrid chain for lack of planning and everyone is starving. Just want some good food as we are stuck in Toms River and not many options. Thanks!!

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  1. In Middletown, if at Oak Hill fields, try Bando, a Taiwanese place on rt. 35 north. If at Thompson Park, try Manow (Thai) on rt. 520 a half mile east of the park. (Or from Oak Hill, 3 miles south on Middletown-Lincroft Rd, turn left at 520.) You'll find several threads here on both.

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      Thank you that is perfect! I will look them up.

    2. Now that Sayreville Bar is no longer, I wouldn't recommend much in Sayreville. Also, the Soccer fields are on the edge of the town, so I usually recommend people head into South River, on Main st. for some food. To get there from the fields just follow jernee mill rd. to the bridge.

      Brazil Country on main, for Brazilian BBQ. or Krakowiak on Main for some Polish.

      There is a Thai place too, but I won't recommend it. The Mexican on Main/Ferry is great, but maybe not for kids, and they are small places, one of them being a more of a store with a few tables.

      Check out this post I did about SR restaurants.

      1. Right next to Millstone in Jackson, is Solo Bello. BYOB and I found it here on the boards. It is family friendly and I recently went with a bucnh of family and kids and I thought it was good for the area. Here is the web:

        1. In downtown Freehold (Boro) there is a great Mexican place, also BYOB. El Meson

          1. Some other thoughts. At the Manalapan complex you're not too far from Rt. 9. There are plenty of good places within 5 miles or so. For example, north on rt 9 is Tokyo Buffet, a Japanese (mostly) buffet. Lots of sushi and other styles. Not great, but decent. Going south on 537, near the hospital is Frankly Burgers and More which has receives very good reviews on this board. I'm not sure where the Millstone fields might be, but if it's the one in the boonies off 537, you're not too far from Frankly.