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Aug 31, 2009 04:26 PM

Burrata cheese in Madison, WI

Hi All,

I am planning to make Suzanne Goin's heirloom tomato salad with burrata cheese for a potluck this coming weekend, and I was wondering if any of the cheese shops (like fromagination) or Whole Foods carries a good brand of burrata cheese. In Los Angeles, a local producer called Gioia made it locally, so you could be sure it was fresh and good. Do any Wisconsin cheesemakers make burrata? If I can't find a good source of burrata, I'll substitute with fresh mozzarella, and would be interested in recommendations of good local producers of that as well.


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  1. don't know of a burrata maker, but Crave Bros of Waterloo makes very good mozzarella - I used it in a cooking demonstration at the Great Taste of the Midwest, cheers, Lucy

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      Thanks for the tip! I will look for it, assuming I'm not able to find the burrata.

    2. Just in case anyone is still interested in purchasing burrata, they carry it at Whole Foods in Madison. I purchased some last week and I believe it is still on sale for this month. It was excellent.

      1. Belgioioso Cheese in Denmark Wisconsin is making burrata cheese. Only one I know of for sure in Wisconsin.

        1. did you ever find the cheese?