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Aug 31, 2009 04:03 PM

Carless in Novato

I'm staying in Novato for a few weeks, sans car. Any recommendations for good eats within walking distance of downtown Novato?

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  1. Your best bet is Grant Avenue. Marvin's has very good breakfasts. Cacti is nice southwest fair. El Palmar is a pretty good taquaria and market. Stay away from Masa Sushi.

    1. ...

      El Palmar Enterprises
      1110 Grant Ave, Novato, CA 94945

      Marvin's Restaurant
      1112 Grant Ave, Novato, CA

      Cacti Restaurant
      1200 Grant Ave, Novato, CA 94945

      1. One of my favorite bakeries anywhere is Flour Chylde on Grant Avenue. I've found that everything they have (that I've tried) is the very best.

        I can't find a place link or add one, so here is the info.

        Flour Chylde
        850 Grant Avenue
        Novato, CA

        1. Italian Delite has good sandwiches. I like the turkey, hubby likes the meatball. Stay away from fries, they're usually soggy. Cash only.