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Aug 31, 2009 03:51 PM

An inspiration from McDonald's in Tokyo ... the "All-American Tamago"!

Having seen the picture of the Tamago (see pic below), a bunch of us just knew we had to try and replicate this burger here in the U.S.

To recreate the Tamago, we needed the following:

1. A Big Mac
2. The preformed, microwaved egg found in the Egg McMuffin
3. The bacon from the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit
4. An extra hamburger patty from a regular hamburger

We ordered the two breakfast items (the Egg McMuffin and the Breakfast Biscuit), then waited about 5 minutes for the transition to the regular menu and then ordered the Big Mac and the hamburger.

After assembling everything (and drawing a small lunch time crowd), I must say, it was quite tasty. Messy, but tasty.

I don't know if the extra patty is necessary, but I would definitely favor a McDonald's burger with eggs and bacon.

I'm not sure how much the Tamago is in Japan (with the exchange rate, etc.), but "my" Tamago was nearly $10. Still, I suppose it's cheaper than a plane ticket to Tokyo ....


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  1. It's out of balance. I couldn't eat one. Two patties on one level and only one on the other?? No way!!


    1. That is great! Good work on a feat only a chowhounder would accomplish!

      Did you try to explain to the staff why you were ordering what you were?

      1. if you just added cheese to the top 1/2 - it would look perfect. the bottom is just too much - i couldn't even take a bite. but - bun, egg, cheese, patty, bacon, special sauce, lettuce, bun - yuuuuuum. great idea.