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Aug 31, 2009 02:07 PM

Restaurants with free (or cheap) corkage?

After being delighted to learn that Five (Scott Howard's new restaurant in Berkeley) does not charge any corkage, I'm wondering if people know of any other restaurants in the Bay Area that have free or cheap (<$10) corkage. So far I only know of the following...

Five (Berkeley) - FREE
Los Altos Grill (Los Altos) - FREE
Fish & Farm (SF) - $5

I got a bunch of bottles in my wine fridge that I would love to try soon. Usually when I open a special bottle, I try to cook something that would go with it, but sometimes I'm just lazy and would prefer to just sit down and have a professional do it for me. :-)

Does anyone know of any other nice restaurants with <$10 corkage?

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  1. Don't know how long they are doing this, but Lavenda in Palo Alto was charging 25 cents for corkage back in May/June.



      I like this blog and remembered the article.Hope it helps.

      Take care,Robin

      1. Fog City Diner - never a corkage fee.

        Can someone confirm that Poc Chuc is indeed BYOB?

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          When we went on one of our trips last year, Poc Chuc was what we call unlicensed in Vancouver. Of course, here that means no alcohol allowed on the premises :-).

        2. In wine Country; The Girl and the Fig in Glen Ellen (not sure about the Sonoma location); Flatiron Grill in Calistoga (food is decent, but nothing special); Bleaux Magnolia (overpriced), Rutherford Grill (haven't been, but hear unanimously positive things)

          those are all free

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            The glen ellen location is called the fig cafe.
            In bold print they state they will not open more than one bottle per person.

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              I thought Rutherford Grill waived the cork fee for Local (Napa) wines only. I could be completely wrong about this, too. adam

            2. Toast in Novato:
              Always free corkage.
              My review:

              and here's a link to the previous thread on "no corkage":

              5800 Nave Dr, Novato, CA 94949