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Aug 31, 2009 01:27 PM

What the hell happened to Bouley?

Was down in Tribecca the other day and stopped by to see what was going on with Bouley.. It seems they gutted the old restaurant and put in the cheesiest looking deli I have ever seen. They have like a salad bar complete with sneeze guard, bins of premade crappy looking sandwiches.. I ate a canel which was a few days old, cut my losses and got the hell out of there..

I remember how beautiful the room was, how beautiful the food was.. The name would conjure images of some of the best food in New York.. Now there are bins of premade sad looking sushi where I sat last time.. The bar where I ordered champagne with my girl before dinner was now a place where you ring up a snapple and a tuna sandwich..

I am not some snot or anything but, come on.. If this place looked like it was done properly or if it had any sort of unique spin to it provided by the person who put his name on the building I would be all for it..

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  1. I assume you are talking about the Bouley Bakery/Market? It is basically a take out lunch place for the area now. They do have itzhapan (sp?) macarons which are delicious and I'm sure some other baked goods but it basically caters to the lunch working crowd. Bouley moved a block over, and is very different looking (probably less gaudy) but still beautiful.

    1. They moved closer to their original location (where we once had one of the best meals in our lives), to 163 Duane Street (corner of Hudson, by Duane Park).

      We have tried the new location a couple of times and like the restaurant much more again. We never really liked Bouley so much during the "West Broadway -years"; we felt something got seriousl lost when Bouley moved there.
      But now, with this new location, it seems like chef Bouley got his groove back.