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Aug 31, 2009 01:17 PM

High-end places in Providence?

I live between Worcester and Providence. I've got an anniversary coming up, and am looking for a really high-end restaurant to take SWMBO to. When we were in boston we'd do places like Ajourd'hui and No 9 Park.

I'm pretty confident no comparable restaurant exists in Worcester.

What about Providence? I'm not looking for "nice night out", I'm looking for "totally insanely fancy" kind of place. Any suggestions?

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  1. newports just a little further and has a couple of high end places that might fit the bill.castle hill,clark cook house,spiced pear are three that come up right away,im sure theres a few others that could be included in the list.

    1. Gracie's is the closest to what you're looking for, but I think the food is much better at Chez Pascal, even though it's nowhere near as fancy. Gracie's is in the realm of Boston-fancy, but not quite there.

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        Shoot....they both look good...what to do now?
        Guess I'll have to go get me a second wife so's I can go to both places.

        oh, wait. probably not the most efficient way to do it.


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          If you choose Gracies (and I would ,but all of the places mentioned are very, very good), tell them it's your anniversary and they'll make you feel special with complimentary glasses of champagne and other nice touches.

      2. In addition to Gracie's and Chez pascal, consider New Rivers

        Mill's Tavern and Baccaro are also quite good.

        1. Consider heading west to Still River Cafe, in Ashford CT. Start early and do a wine tasting at Sharpe Hill first, make an afternoon of it. I haven't gotten to Still River yet, but Boston Mag named it the top foodie destination of New England. Btw Worcester & PVD is a big area, but I plugged Douglas in to Mapquest, and it's under an hour via Route 16 to 395 to 44 West.

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            There are, no doubt, fine places in Providence, but I want to second the recommendation of Still River Cafe. I've been there, and I don't know a better restaurant in New England. Boston included. I guess it's not "totally insanely fancy," though it's really nice, but it is "totally insanely good."