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Aug 31, 2009 12:44 PM

Places Near Tanglewood for Breakfast, Lunch, Takeout?

We are driving up to Tanglewood for the Jazz Festival this weekend and are interested in knowing what's good in the area for breakfast and lunch.

We'll be in the park in the evening (and afternoon) but would prefer to bring in food from a nearby shop if there are any in the area.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Haven (Franklin Ave., Lenox) is a pleasant casual place for breakfast or lunch. A little pricey, but good food, a little bit different. Great pastries! And you can get a takeout picnic from Nejaime's, on Main Street in Lenox, same parameters about price and tastiness. Have a great time!

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    1. re: BerkshireTsarina

      I also really like Nejaime's for picnics. They have set picnic menus or you can assemble your own from the store.

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        Good advices,as usual from you,Tsarina!
        We did Tagnlewood three times this year and Haven is really a good choice.
        Nejaime's does a great job also but you ought to contact Nejaime's in advance as the place is usually packed a few hrs. before the Tanglewood performance.
        Ibelieve you can get them online and see what they have to offer for picnic packages.
        You can order ahead and have the itmes ready so you don';t have to stand in line waitingl ike so many do before performances at Tanglewood.
        Another great place for breakfast we found is Rose's next to the Super 8 Motel in Lee.
        Reasonable prices,a wide selection of great breakfast food,and some specials(Polish Omelettes with Kielbasa) to boot.
        This is the best "bang for the buck" place we have found for breakfast.
        This place is not as gourmet as Haven but it's really good and reasonable with really large portions.

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          I also like Haven and it's good to know about Rose's in Lee. I'm ready to have people scoff at this one but for a really low-budget alternative consider takeout from Price Chopper (the best one is in Great Barrington, then Lenox, and last Lee)...I know this is Chowhound, but they have great roast chickens, my favorite cole slaw (besides my own) and other good salads, cookies, etc. Definitely un-gourmet but good.

      2. Guido's Marketplace on Rt 7 north of Lenox has many food items and fresh fruit where you could put together your own picnic. You would have more choices than Nejaime's, quite similar food and cheese choices and slightly less expensive.

        1. Hi,

          We just got back from a weekend at Tanglewood and let me say it's pretty darn cold there at night so bring a warm jacket and blankets. In the evenings we bring hot food and have liked the burrito's from Hot Harry's burritos in Lee. I recommend Joe's Diner for breakfast, also in Lee. Try the homemade hash or blueberry pancakes. Good food and prices and a taste of Norman Rockwell to boot. Generally speaking Lee is inexpensive and not too fancy and Lenox is quite pricey ( but the best place to buy your picnic wines). Whatever, do not decide it would be cheaper and easier to buy anything at the concerts - bad cafeteria food at very high prices.
          Have a great time.

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          1. re: ginnyhw

            For those reading this, a note on Hot Harry's (also in Pittsfield.) The food is bland, edible, and does not in any way, manner or form really represent anything mexicano.

            1. re: mjoyous

              Hot Harry's in Lee just closed.

          2. you all are THE BEST! Thank you so much, and if anyone else has any ideas, I'm not printing this out just yet!

            We're planning on bringing our wine with us. ;)

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            1. re: ChefJune

              As a devoted pastry hound, I've avoided Haven, but stopped for a chocolate croissant this morning. Edible, but nothing special. Actually, disappointing. If you have the time and are interested in creating a bread/cheese/wine type of meal, try the Berkshire Mountain Bakery :
              If they have baklava or croissants, try them!

              1. re: mjoyous

                Oh boy! does that ever look mouthwatering. I'm hoping they'll be open on Monday so we can buy a few loaves to bring home! Thanks. ;-)

                1. re: mjoyous

                  You sure hit the nail on the head here joyous!
                  We always make the Berkshire Mt. Bakery a stop.
                  Their baklava is great as are their cheese breads.
                  You can't go wrong stopping here ChefJune.