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Great place to get dessert

Coming in for Labor day.. Any recs on where to get a great dessert (esp. if it's the only thing we'd be getting) and to add to that what would it be?

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  1. haven't been myself, but CoCo Sala is supposed to be good (mostly desserts in a lounge-y club like room)

    1. I like Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown for desserts (especially apple strudel) and also Cafe Bonaparte (dessert crepes). Blue Duck Tavern's apple pie a la mode is also divine.

      1. Filomena in Georgetown has great dessert. Service may be slow.

        1. I forgot to mention DOLCEZZA in Georgetown. It has the most amazing gelato, and the coffee is good there too. Various flavors of peach gelato have been featured recently, and I had one of them paired with a delicious hazelnut chocolate.

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            Yes, Dolceezza is the THE BEST gelato place in the DC area.

            Are there any specific desserts you like? This might aid us in suggestions.

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              I love Coco Sala for dessert. I had the "Childhood Favorites" which was 3 courses - all delicious and beautifully presented. It was an event!

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                Have you tried Pitango? I thought the Baltimore Pitango was better than Dolcezza, but I haven't tried the DC location.

                For the OP's benefit, near the DC location of Pitango is ACKC-- a boutique chocolate shop (but you might not want hot chocolate for Labor Day).

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                  I have tried Pitango quite a few times (right near my apt and work), but still travel when I can to Dolcezza in Gtown because it tastes so much better.

            2. The desserts at PS7 are very, very good....could sit at the bar.

              My experience at CoCo Sala for restaurant week was wonderful - very good dessert.

              1. Coco Sala is a great place to grab dessert. They have dessert tasting menus with different themes. You can also get chocolates, gelato etc. I had the Mexican themed tasting menu and thought it was great. My friend got the Childhood Favorites tasting menu, and that was a lot of fun as well.

                I also think Kramerbooks and Afterwards in Dupont Circle is nice for dessert. They have lots of different cakes and pies. On weekends they are open 24 hours a day.

                I've grabbed just dessert and coffee at the bar at Cashion's Eat Place in Adams Morgan in the past. It's a nice neighborhood spot and they don't mind you getting a bite of dessert and a drink at the bar.

                1. Tabard Inn--the dessert menu changes daily and everything is wonderful
                  Locolat--great chocolate desserts
                  Leopold's Kafe--European and Austrian pastries

                  1. Cafe La Rouche in Georgetown. Beautiful little garden and the most decedant desserts in the city. I also second Dolcezza....that place is wonderful.

                    1. Georgetown Cupcake! Mmmm.

                      1. I should have prefaced this by stating that it is doubtful that we will be in the G'town area at all. Though you never know.

                        Also Dolcezza reminds me a little bit of a place we've got around here called locopops. Except instead of gelato they are paletas (basically really hard ice pops)

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                          Where in DC (or the area) will you be? And as Jacey asked earlier, what kind of desserts do you like?

                          P.S. I can't speak for locopopos as I haven't been there. Based on your post, it doesn't seem like you've actually been to Dolcezza. Dolcezza's gelato is in no way like paletas (which I believe are Mexican popsicles). Dolcezza is an Argentine gelateria, and the quality of the gelato is excellent. The place is small, and also is charming and attractive.

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                            Oh sorry I'm up for any type of dessert be it singles or something that can be shared between two people. Coco Sala seems interesting and I like chocolate but there is a difference in doing a dessert and doing it well. Like the Banana Split at Central look good to share, but that doesn't mean the dessert is necessarily good or worth the money :-p

                            We are mostly going to be around the mid/downtown area. Penn Qtr and such. We may wind up near Foggy bottom or Dupont Circle for dining one evening though if we wind up at Obelisk we may not need dessert :-p. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions in general. Whats unique, whats good, whats filling and maybe what should be avoided. Right now it looks like I"m dining at Central, Obelisk (if I can swing it... if not Dino or Tosca), Zatinya, and either Proof or Blue Duck.. So lets start with desserts they may have there that are worth their salt (I saw mention of Blue Duck's Apple pie.. ) and then if we don't want to do desssert.. say we are going to do dinner and then a performance and would rather digest dinner and get dessert later..

                            I mean I'll take the kitchen sink at Friendly's if just to say we came, we saw, we maybe ate 1/4 of it :-p Okay maybe not so much that one...

                            I don't know if that helps or makes more of a mess.

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                              Sure, the information is helpful. And I think people have given you some good suggestions. I myself haven't been to Coco Sala, so I cannot say whether or not the dessert there is worth it. I get that you want a place that does dessert well. Personally, I wouldn't go to Central for a banana split, but that's my humble opinion. My recommendations were (and are) Kafe Leopold (European and Austrian desserts, especially apple strudel), Dolcezza (top-quality gelato), Blue Duck Tavern (apple pie a la mode) If you're going to be in Foggy Bottom, you'll be near Blue Duck Tavern in the West End and not far at all from Kafe Leopold in Georgetown.

                              And if you do wind up at Obelisk, I doubt you'll need dessert elsewhere. Your other dining choices look good. Btw, Dino is offering an ongoing special.
                              Enjoy your food-filled holiday weekend!

                              P.S. Just re-read your post. I can't think of any stand-out desserts at Zaytinya or Proof. Maybe others can comment on that.

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                                Thank you much. I think one of the more interesting but simple desserts I've had was bay leaf flavored ice cream at place in NYC.

                                My dining choices would have been different if some places weren't closed, but those are just where I thought we'd wind up.. we may wind up at Beck or Equinox or who knows.

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                                  You're welcome! Your choices are pretty good...Beck and Equinox are both good in their own right. You can't go wrong with Equinox. Enjoy and let us know how things go.

                                2. re: Gigi007

                                  I had a wonderful strawberry rhubarb shortcake the last time I was at Proof.

                                3. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                  The banana split at Central is great, but not as good as the hazelnut bar. But the split can feed a good 2-3 people. I love it.

                                  I keep forgetting where you are from. But if you are from anywhere that makes decent pie you won't be impressed with Blue Duck's. It is ok, just not great. If you like bourbon, their bourbon chocolate dessert is good, but very bourbony.

                                  Tosca has very nouvo desserts- olive oil ice cream, a new take on tiramisu. I think the olive oil ice cream is pretty good.

                                  Coco Sala is right in Penn Quarter so very convenient.

                                  Oh and if you end up going to Rasika- if you like sticky toffee pudding their is very good, people also like the chocolate samosas (although I am not crazy over them).

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                                    I'm from NC so I guess Apple Pie is sort of a staple. I'm going crazy with possible food combinations.. do i do brunch and a lighter dinner.. do I do a big breakfast.. snack mid day and go all out for dinner... This is what plays through my mind constantly *L*.. Do they have food planners for people who vacation? (In effect someone who would be like a chow hound board but get paid).. if not that they should.

                                    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                      If your from NC- what you get down there will be better. I like to play it by ear- see what we are near what we are in the mood for, plan some nice reservations for places that require them for dinner. You'll be ok you have lots of good choices :) What I REALLY like to do is save them all to a google map, then make a tinyurl.com for that saved maps address then pull that URL up on my iphone so I have where I am and all the stuff I want to try on a map right in front of me. That way I have stuff nearby and I don't have to take my chances, but I have lots of options nearby to choose from.

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                                        This may be the only reason I would ever need/want a smart phone :-p... I'm already thinking about whether to do a lunch/brunch option in the 75 mins I've got at capitol hill on Fri or if I should just go down to Good Stuff get a milkshake and be done with it til dinner. I know there are places like Montmarte, Bistro Bis, Art and Soul around but they maybe be too far or too long to dine at... There is also the Le Bon and the place right next to it .. can't remember what it is called owned by a short Asian lady.. but thats for one of my other food worry blogs *L* (still wish that a marcel's corduroy, cityzen etc were to be open).

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                                          I am a bit shocked over the number of places closed during that period too. Everyone seems to be taking their vacations at the same time. It is incredible how many places are closed.

                                          1. re: ktmoomau

                                            I'm shocked at the number of THOSE types of establishments that are closed.

                                            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                              YES! I mean this should be a big money maker weekend as everyone is going out more as it is a long weekend. Very strange.

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                                                One thing to keep in mind that in late August through Labor Day, DC is rather dead as a lot of people take vacation and Congress is out of session. That is also the same reason Restaurant Week took place last week and some restaurants are extending it--to drum up business.

                                                When I have visitors from out of town plan a weekend, I guess I wouldn't suggest coming this time of year, especially because of the humid weather. Yet right now, it's unusually cool. Go figure.

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                                                  Well the converse could be true.. less people mean less crowds and better time to go.. yeah the weather this weekend should be superb.. maybe not so much for al fresco late night dining as it will be unusually cool.. but mid to low 80s during the day and sun... I'm not going to argue about the weather.

                                                  Like I said right now the line up for dining is
                                                  and one yet to be determined.. though I did just look through the Washingtonian 100 and saw that Tosca and Teatro were both ranked higher than Obelisk.. *shrugs* Also they mentioned the Oval room.. but enough about that.. this thread was about desserts :-p

                                                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                                    I've dined at both Tosca and Obelisk. Both are very good, but I suppose I prefer the more classic dishes at Tosca (although I prefer Obelisk's cozier atmosphere). Anyway, it sounds like you have a good line-up. Have a great time!

                                                    1. re: Gigi007

                                                      I suppose the only drawback is the amount of food and not knowing what is on the menu at Obelisk. Tosca has the 1/2 portion 1/2 price thing going for them as well.. though it may only be at lunch.

                                                      And thank you.

                                                      1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                                        The half price portion is at dinner too, just fyi.

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                                        Just to add, haven't been going out to eat lately, but we treated ourselves to dinner at Central last night ,and I think the banana split was actually the highlight of the meal, and I'm not that into desserts usually. I couldn't believe after the really big (and good) meal that we almost finished it, not sure what got into us, or why it's what I'm still thinking most about today. I've had the hazelnut/kitkat bar, and I remember it being really something, too, but it's been a long time. In any case, Central might be worth a stop for dessert alone.

                                        BTW, they do great cocktails at Central, highly recommend trying one or two or...

                                        I love Dolcezza, it's really different than Pitango (which I go to more often, because of location), I almost think they're too different styles to compare really.

                                        Has someone mentioned Red Velvet cupcake and frozen yogurt (what's the name of their frozen yogurt place? They're attached to each other) -- because it's right in Penn Quarter, too -- kitty-quarter from Jaleo I'm pretty sure. Another good place to take a sight-seeing break and indulge.

                                        I'm sure looking forward to your report back, burgeoning. I'm bowled over by how much advance research you're doing.

                                        1. re: mselectra

                                          I over plan... Hopefully I'll take notes.. The thing is despite my name my palate is not that discerning.. My first motto is if tastes good and doesn't make me sick.. then it's good to me. Second to that is the service and then the ambiance and how well my date enjoyed it. It's like me an Indian or chinese-american food. I can't tell if one is better than another.. I can tell if they are spicier or not.. but it all seems to be the same and who am I to say you're not making this right. I guess I can look at it from a more comparative angle (or not) of this place does this better than another.. chances are I'll enjoy it all and even the dives and crappiest places have someone keeping them afloat. Unfortunately, I do more research on the big names and as someone in another post mentioned.. I should focus on some small hidden gems where you can find some unique and quality eats (and maybe for less money).

                                    2. re: Gigi007

                                      I meant in respect to nontraditional flavors. I realize that as far as the product itself they are in no way the same thing. I saw the website ;-) Too bad we won't be near the Penn Qtr market on Thurs to grab some.

                                  2. sorry - not food, but timely, Labor Day weekend, Metro at National airport is going to be closed for maintenance from late Friday night thru early Tuesday AM.

                                    relatively cheap cab into town.

                                    1. Thanks for the recs.. unfortunately my plans to hit up Co Co Sala on Sunday were compromised by my fault in not checking their hours. We wound up at Red Velvet/TangySweet which was just right especially late at night. I guess we could have gone to Poste or Proof for desserts (as we wound up at Jaleo for dinner).. but the rains came right as we were finishing up and so it would have been a bit miserable walking back there.