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Aug 31, 2009 12:20 PM

Good inexpensive restaurant for lunch between Avignon and Geneva?

I'm going from Avignon to Geneva by car and we'd like to stop by a good restaurant on the way and maybe see some nice villages without getting too far off route. Does anyone have any recommendations? We'd like to keep it under 15 EUR per person.

Also would appreciate dinner recommendations for Avignon or nearby villages. I'm going to Au Tout Petit one night and would like to find another affordable place with great food for my second night in town.


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  1. I suppose you will be going via Chambéry, but if instead you went north past the Lyon airport and then east via Nantua, you could stop in the charming village of Pérouges. My wife and I once had lunch at an outdoor table belonging to a little restaurant in the village center. I can't remember the name, but the food was simple, OK and inexpensive. I seem to remember it was located on a sort of triangular village square across from another hotel or restaurant which had a porch decorated with sheaves of grain, pumpkins etc.

    1. If I were you I would stop in Lyon and have lunch at a bouchon. You can probably have a very decent lunch in this budget. Personally I like Les Lyonnais, but others may have alternative suggestions.

      1. In June of this year, right off the A40 (about 30 minutes from Geneva, and only three minutes after exiting from sortie no. 11), we had a nice lunch at Hotel Restaurant Le Fartoret, in the sleeply little hilltop town of Eloise (Haute Savoie), 01200 Bellegarde, tel

        See: http://restaurant-gastronomique-rally...

        Jake Dear