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Aug 31, 2009 11:56 AM

Cheap and good food by Niles?

I am wondering if anyone know any decent place for food on the cheap side (less then 10 dollar a person) for lunch by the Niles neighbor, specially the neighborhood by Costco and Fresh Farm.

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  1. I've only been there once, but is Super H Mart near enough? Food court!

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      Well, of coursed I tried the food court by Hmart and Assi plaza, the food is decent but being a chinese myself I would like to try something non asian for a while. Speaking of that the Nini noodle shop in assi plaza food court is pretty good too. It is basically chinese noodle but the noodle are fresh make.

    2. This is a fine Korean Buffet Restaurant. The best time to come is during dinner time after 5PM or during Weekends. Lunch Buffet is very limited to chicken and some fish. You want to have a nice meal with some spicy beef during dinner.
      Remember. Only for dinner or lunch on weekends.
      I apologize, but I did not see your limit of ten dollars.

      Senoya Restaurant
      8750 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714

      1. I work right in that neighborhood.
        Non-chain choices are Howard Street Inn (in the club house on Howard w/ of Caldwell) or Amici (Howard & Milwaukee)
        A little bit farther is Curragh (n. up Gross Point, e. on Madison to Lincoln) - excellent Irish pub
        all have good food, and if you pay attention, you can easily stay under $10

        1. A little bit north in Morton Grove, Pequad's has a reasonable single serving pizza and drink special for lunch.

          1. Depending upon the direction you'll be coming from - Patty's Diner on Main St. in Skokie could be an excellent option.

            Patty's Diner
            3358 Main St
            Skokie, IL 60076-2451
            (847) 675-4274‎

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            1. re: gomexico

              If you want to take Milwaukee Avenue just past Golf road, to 9645 N Milwaukee Ave.,
              Niles, you'll find Goodi's, which sells a a 14 oz. Italian beef for $5.05, if I remember right. Very good, too. And they have an economical burrito at Taco Burrito King, 6701 West Touhy, Niles, just east of Milwaukee Avenue. Also several other pretty good things, and beer.

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                And just a bit further up Milwaukee from Goodi's is Pita Inn. Great baba ganoush, shwarma, falafel, and a lunch special the will fill you up for less than $7.