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Aug 31, 2009 11:52 AM

"Food guide" in Bologna?

Has anyone hired a person to take you around and show you the "food sights" of Bologna? It needn't be gourmet, we're looking for good food while in Bologna in September.

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  1. which days of September ?


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        Sorry if I asked the period, but I hoped to help you and be your guide in Bologna, for free obviously, but in those days I am busy in my beloved Penisola Sorrentina because of my job.
        Anyway, listen, on Sep 26 if you like "street food" you should take train from Bologna to Cesena (1 hour, more or less) and attend at the first evening of a three days festival focused on street food. It is a smart way to taste not only the local food but also food coming from Liguria, from Campania, from Tuscany and also further areas of Italy and Mediterranean areas.
        The atmosphere is delightful.
        I am sorry, anyway.


        1. re: vidanto

          Thanks for the offer and the tip on the festival with local street food. We might check it out!

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            My husband and I are looking for a similar "food sights" experience during our limited time in Bologna. Can you recommend anything 3Oct-5Oct. The only full day we'll be there is 4Oct. Thank you kindly for your reply.

      2. have you looked at food books such at Fred Plotkin's Italy for the gourmet Traveller and Faith Willinger's book on Northern Italy? those and the tips picked up here will give you enough shops and restaurants to keep you pretty busy! Use the main search box to search chowhound since searching this board will yield only posts for the last year. Another source of food info is Lynn Rosetto Kaspar's book, the Splendid Table, on the regional cuisine of Emilia Romagna, which will help you know what to expect.

        1. hello,
          just in case you havent already devised your itinerary ill also be in bologna 22 sept...also seeking authentic, delicious regional foods...let me know if you've found anything noteworthy, or perhaps we can explore together.

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