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Aug 31, 2009 11:49 AM

Best Buffalo Chicken Pizza?


I recently graduated college and just moved to Washington, DC and I find that one of the best parts of exploring a new city is finding the best restaurants.

I am a huge buffalo chicken pizza fan, and so I was wondering if there is a great spot to get it in DC? I live in Georgetown, so it would be nice if it was close to there but if not, it doesn't really matter!


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  1. Is this a common pizza where you're from (which I assume is Boston)? I've never seen it but I don't go around looking for buffalo chicken pizza. Is it like buffalo wings on a pizza? Do they debone the chicken first?

    1. If you're ever up Baltimore way, Pub Dog in Federal Hill does a nice one.

      Ericandblueboy, it's usually strips of chicken with the hot sauce in the place of tomato sauce and blue cheese in place of mozzarella. I thought it sounded really weird but it's a nice twist on your regular pie for people who like spicy stuff.

      1. I know Ledos does a buffalo chicken pizza. Can't really comment on if it's good to not. I guess it comes down to if you like Ledos in general...

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          Thanks! Yeah, I am starting to question whether or not buffalo chicken pizza is more of a Northeast thing. Since I live relatively close to Ledo's Pizza I may as well check it out.

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            I know its a chain, but UNOs in Georgetown has yummy BBQ Chicken can get deep dish or flatbread.

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              Oh, and Im SURE Pizzeria Paradiso has it...they have ALL types of pizzas! Thats also in Georgetown.

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              Ledo's has a decent buffalo pizza. I'm normally a huge ledo's fan, but the one in Georgetown can be a little "meh". I have ordered it a bunch of times though so if I have a suggestion it would be to order to pizza cooked a little extra, or ask for well done. Also, unless you like strong bleu cheese ask for them to hold the bleu cheese crumbles on top, or maybe ask for half the pizza with it. Ledo's is a MD staple, try the pepperoni. It is square pizza, and each slice has one thick pepperoni on it that develops into a personal bowl of grease. Pretty awesome.

          2. Nowhere near Gtown, but Valentino's in Landmark has a pretty good one.

            1. It's not buffalo chicken pizza exactly, but I am a big fan of the Fire & Smoke pizza at Matchbox in Capitol Hill and Penn Quarter. Spicy hot tomato sauce and smoked gouda, mmm. Definitely worth a visit.